anthem avm 20 + mca 50 amp vs. mcintosh mht 200

I am interested in opinions on the above, to combine with revel F50's in an audio/hometheater application. thanks in advance.
I can tell you that I built a system for my brother using the Anthem AVM20,
Anthem MCA50, Sony SCD XA777ES, and Revel F30's and it really sounds
great. I can only imagine the F50's would sound even better and the MCA50
should have plenty of juice to push them.
Another thing to look at in that price range would be the B&K Ref 50 plus Ref 200.7. The Ref 50 is the best processor I've heard for under $7,100. Do some reading up on it. It has everything the Anthem has plus more indepth menuing. And it costs $1,400 less. Comes with a sweet remote also.