Anthem AVM-20, B&K Reference 30, Aragon Soundstage

Has anyone had a chance to compare all these units? I'm looking at the Classe SSP-30 as well. I want a pre/pro for less than $2.5k with a 5.1 channel analog input for my multi-channel SACD player. Music is about 80% of my listening, but I do enjoy good home theater. I have Classe amplification. I've heard the Soundstage and was pretty impressed. I also heard the B&K, but not in a good enviornment. I haven't heard the Classe or Anthem units. If anyone out there has, I'd like to hear your experiences.
I have not heard the Classe and the Anthem Toghther.
I have heard both seperatly.Both are wonderfull produts.Classe $4$ is very very hard to beat.
The big guys charge 2 times the price for same sound quality.
The Anthem will blow you away.
There is a definite learning curve on the Anthem as there should be.This thing does more than most PLC's in industry do.You dont learn ladder logic in 1 hour.
Have patience the unit will reward you.
The (now discontinued Soundstage) is probably one of the most underrated Pre/Pros around especially for what you can get it for now.Brand new around 2k.It has your 5 channel input(though you will need a db25 cable)and has the top of the line Aurum preamp from Aragon.Excellent analog preamp with the added flexibility of a proccesor.
I just went through the research last month comparing the Anthem AVM-20 and the B&K Ref30. I chose the Anthem and have been blown away. This unit has anything you can imagine built into it. I've had it in my home for about a month and am 100% satisfied with the sound quality of both 2 channel & home theater. Very easy to set up. You can adjust all settings sitting in your favorite recliner. The B&K is a nice unit, but the specs on the Anthem are better in my opinion. You owe it to yourself to test one out!
I currently own a Ref 30 and have been very happy with it. However I have taken the plunge and will be buying a Sim Audio Titan (5channel). I wanted to take advantage of the balanced inputs. Does your anthem have balanced outputs? If yes, have you used them? Does it make a big difference? Does anyone else know of a preamp in this range which will take advantage of the balanced inputs? Also does the bass managment work better on the anthem as opposed to the B&K? Does the anthem have a analog pass thru?
I have an Anthem with balanced outputs to six Paragigm Reference active speakers. The mains are active 40s the sub is Servo 15. The installer who works for the high end dealer I bought them from says it is the best he has installed. He has installed some very high priced systems.

The Anthem does have balanced outputs, but I have not taken advantage of them. The bass management works great on the Anthem. 40-160 Hz (Adjustable in 10 Hz Increments). Take a look at the specs at Hope this helps.