Anthem amp to go with my 1140 receiver or are their better and cheaper options

I am planning to upgrade my home theater system to try to improve my enjoyment of listening to music. I have a 5.1.4 Atmos home theater system with 1140 Anthem receiver. I am planning on buying a two channel amp with the hope of improving sound quality of my music. I listen with Bluesound node2i that I stream my CD's via a Network drive and stream Qobuz. I am thinking of buying a two channel Anthem amp to match the receiver but I thought I would ask if there are better and cheaper options than going with Anthem. Thanks

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you will not change much things by adding an amplifier.
A used Hegel H190 may be the most affordable integrated amp. with Home
Theater Bypass.
The pre amp section of the Hegel ( or any other integrates with HT bypass) will make the difference.
The integrated amp. Brand should pair well with your front speakers.
You will need good interconnect as well.