Anthem 225 V Exposure 2010S Anyone ?

Anthem 225 V Exposure 2010S Has anyone had a chance to compare these two units or owned one and moved to the other?? Like to hear your thoughts. Thanks,keith
i've never compared them, and the exposure is excellent, but the old-school-full feature anthem (which sounds like a much more expensive piece)is one highly overlooked component.
I was just about to start this same thread. I heard an Exposure, in a dealer room, and it did sound very "right", just as reviewed. I'd almost given in to grabbing one, when I saw the Anthem 225 - the feature set is closer to what I'm looking for, but I haven't heard one. Would love to hear a side by side, barring that, opinions of anyone who has spent time with both.
See if you can audition them. I have but will hold opinion until i hear from someone else. I to am somewhat swayed by the features on the 225. A headphone unit and phono section. I wish more would do that. keith
I have listened to the Anthem 225 a few different times, with NAD CD players and Paradigm Studio 60/100. I think the 225 is a much under-rated piece, or at least doesn't seem to get a lot of press. But most who hear it think it is a fantastic sounding amp. I am one of them. It has the Anthem sound to it which I feel is very clear, maybe a bit polite-not in any way offensive, yet has excellent bass capabilities when needed.

I ama bit biased about Anthem as I own several pieces of their gear-AVM30, MCA 20, PVA 2, TLP1. Just good sounding gear, great build, and the 225 is a very good buy, even new.

I have also listened to the Exposure gear and like what it does too. The Anthem just may be a better value, but it is up to your ears and wallet! Enjoy the music, Tim