Antenna cable

On Fanfare's Web site they offer to sell different lengths of antenna wire in both RG6/U and RG59/U. (I have no clue what these RG "codes" stand for.) It is noted that the RG6/U cable is quad shielded. EX. RG6/U quad-shield coaxial cable c/w F connectors(50') $39.95

This can be viewed at

I went to Radio Shacks Web page and they have the following, RG-6/U Coaxial Cable $ 0.32 ft.

Is this the same stuff? Is the cable from RS also "quad shielded"?

The RS is w/o connectors, are the connectors difficult to install?
In theory, the cable/wire industry established codes for wire types, and the same code is the same cable across the board. In reality there are some differences; however one needs to put the differences into perspective w/ the application. "quad" sheilding is especially usefull in high-rise buildings, and buildings where there is lots of other wires - data, phone(digital), intercoms etc. and the spurrious noise level is fairly high. In a home/condo this is probably overkill, unless for FM you are under a tower for the least favorite station. The RS wire will be good, and lots cheaper!
Remember to weather proof all connections that are out side, use a black coulored wire if exposed to sunlight - better UV protection, and no splitters or junction boxes between the antenna and tunner.
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The Rat Shack stuff probably is not quad shield. Quad shield has four shields (duh). Standard coax normally has two. The question of "needing" quad is really a question of the length of run and the amount of ingress one is likely to pick up in the run. I used standard coax for years. It is easier to get connectors on to standard coax than quad shield too. Today I use quad shield because a buddy got me a reel for free. Quad is a better cable but has the aformentioned hassles associated with it.
Radioshack also has quad shielded RG6. I recently purchased a 50 ft length preterminated to do a Dish Network install at my Mother's. $25 or so for a 50 ft length. There was also 100 ft and 25 ft preterminated lengths. Best regards, Aaron
Other part of the question was about the type F connectors. They are easy to install IF you have some experience doing this sort of thing or someone helpful to guide you in person initially. Those experienced in cable terminating can eyeball this easily even if a type F has never been done. However you do need a crimp tool for the jacket. These may be available from Radio Shack; don't know for sure & don't know the cost either?
RG6 cable is better than RG59 and worth the small increase in price. Much lower signal loss on long runs of RG6 over RG59.
The Radio Shack part numbers are 15-1567,15-1568,15-1569, they are 25, 50, and 100 ft lengths terminated w/ F-connectors. Pricing is $20,$30,$40, respectively. The Quad shielded cables are marked with the nomenclature RG6-QS in the descriptions.
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