Antelope Zodiac Gold - anyone have or heard one?

Hi - I'm looking to hear from folks that own or have heard the new Antelope Zodiac Gold DAC. I'd like to hear their impressions on it and how it might compare to the Zodiac+, Weiss DAC202, and Metric Halo LIO-8 in particular.

I have heard the AZG Dac and it sounds fantastic. I haven't heard the Weiss or Metric Halo.
Another DAC you might keep in mind is the Burson HA-160d.
It's been getting rave reviews and 6Moons has made it their referance DAC.
And it's quite affordable.
I heard Zodiac Gold + Voltikus at Drugs Audio in Hong Kong.
As DAC by connecting with Nagra CDC, ZG was better than the DAC section of Nagra CDC.

A friend of mine went there later & compared ZG vs Weiss DAC202 (both as DAC & fed by Nagra CDC) and found that they were on par in general but ZG had a more involving character.
Thank you guys. Wow, I find it interesting that Ckkeung's friend found the Zodiak Gold to be equivalent or somewhat better than the Weiss DAC202 - that says a lot!!
Some audiophiles in Hong Kong even claimed that Berkeley DAC & PrismSound Orpheus could not win ZG. Uncertain whether this is 100% correct.

I guess if ZG & DAC202 are connected directly to a Mac during the shootout, the result can be different because firewire will have the advantage of lower jitter.
Ckkeung, have you tried the Voltikus with zodiac+ combo?

I own a zodiac+, and picked up the w4s dac2 a few days ago for my other setup...
Just bought a Zodiac Gold with Voltikus..wont have better power cabels yet but will..after setup i will posy my thoughts
Hi Zugisland - thanks for posting on this thread. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Zodiac Gold+Voltikus power supply, especially compared to any other DACs you may heard or have laying around. By the way, I've heard that it takes >500 hours of burn in for it to sound best, just FYI.
I have had a ZAG for about a month now buy just received the Voltikus a few days ago. It is connected to a Mac Mini server and a Sony 9000 SACD player via optical. Oustanding DA, Voltikus is a must have. I feel it beats the Esoteric X3SE and highly modified Sony SCD1 I had previously. I primarily listen to vinyl, but using Pure Music 24/192 in memory mode the gap is closing. I am using a Kimber Pal PK10 power cord.
Apparently the Zodiac Gold with the upgraded ps is a substantial improvement over the Zodiac plus.
6moons should have a review of it posted in a few weeks.