Ant info on the new KEF Q 900?

Nothing on the web...just an ad in the new Stereophile
I guess in a little over 2 days we may know more. I didn't pick up the latest issue of Stereophile but I went to KEF USA's main website and they have a floorstanding speaker partially covered along with a countdown. It may be the speaker you are talking about.
I believe you are right. To meet deadlines, I'm sure KEF had to get ads in the channels a bit early. I believe these are going to replace the iQ series. If so, I may a buyer.

KEF's site now has the info on the new Q line of speakers. The Q-900 looks to be the biggest of the new speaker line. They look really nice but then again I'm a KEF fan and am a bit biased. This line looks to be below the XQ line of speakers. I'm wondering if this new line is good for 2 channel music systems or if it made primarily for HT? For some strange reason I always picture the XQ line and Reference lines of speakers ideal for 2 channel music only systems.
saw the price of $799, not sure if that's each or a pr.
Hi Richardyc

I double checked the price on the Q-900s and they are $799 each. I've been so wrapped up with my older KEF gear that I had forgotten about the new Q line that was released. I'll try to find a local dealer and see if I can give them a listen.