Answer me this...

With the spate of new reissues continuing and with most of the larger reissue labels ’claiming’ that their reissue sounds superior to the original, or at least as good, I fail to understand this...

If the original master tape of the recording isn’t that great to begin with, how great...from a SQ perspective can any future issue of this music sound???
So, let’s take for an example, the reissues of BOTW by Simon and Garfunkel. The original MFSL reissue, then the MFSL ’One Step’ reissue come to mind here. The original master tape of the BOTW session is known for poor SQ. Are we to expect that the reissue(s) are completely different sounding, and that a silk purse has been made from this sow’s ear??

So, answer me this...why are we buying expensive reissues that are sourced either from digital tapes ( with all of the problems that digital recordings elicit) or, from sub par mastering in the first place..??? Anybody else believe that knowledge of the original master tape source and its SQ is paramount before jumping onto the ’pricey reissue wagon’!

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It’s an uphill battle for the reissue companies. When the original pressings were made the master tapes were fresh. Many analog masters have degraded markedly in the last 40-60 years, and many have been lost completely.

Not that having a really perfectionist chain can’t make a better sounding record, just as a great chef can make a good meal with ingredients that are not completely fresh. But it’s a daunting task. Digital is another animal completely.
Is somebody making you buy them? If not, don't then.
I agree with @viridian and @jaybe, and think the OP's perspective is a little skewed.
For example, I question this:
The original master tape of the BOTW session is known for poor SQ. 
Actually, Roy Halee - one of the great recording engineers of all time - won a Grammy for his engineering on Bridge Over Troubled Water. While its "Wall of Sound" style may not please everyone, good pressings of this LP (and there are many) display remarkable sonics.
 @cleeds  Interesting that you think that there are good sounding pressings of BOTW, I have never heard one. I think I must have heard this LP on numerous occasions with different gear and different pressings, none to my ears was anything but a major disappointment. Not the music, just the SQ... I guess YMMV
If sound quality is what you are after, reissues are not the answer.
Better Records are. Bite the bullet, buy a White Hot Stamper. Thank me later.
@millercarbon.  Regardless of the stamper, if the recording isn’t that great to begin the master tape is poor, or the recording engineer screwed up somehow, then the SQ is going to suffer, IME.
 Also beware of sellers rating their albums as M-.  Happy hunting!
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