another with the digital lens

if you've hook up your transport to a genesis digital lens curiuos what did the clock error of your transport read. yeah i know the number may not tie-in with good sound. but curious.hey...
oh parasound c/db 2000. i got a -28.
and now to you....
Pioneer PD65 reading is 0.
Interesting, what do you use to measure this?

Theta Data Basic II - 0, Pioneer LD704 - 0.
Theta Data II = 4
Classe CDT = 51
Used with a Classe DAC 1
Wadia WT2000 = 0
Wadia 7 = -26

BTW, nothing guarantees that the Lens is on the money...
This is interesting.Although I've read that it has no relationship to sound quality. McCormack SST-1 = 0 & Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 = 42
EAd T1000 transport -21
Phillips CDR765 -9
Sony DVPNS900V 4
I also have a Classe Dac and Cdt1. 27 or 28. No change using AT&T or Orchid AES/EBU. Bob D
davee interested in chibi but no response from u
Krell md-1 with ARC Dac-3,reading was 12.
Interesting to see that the same transport can have different readings in different systems.

My Micromega T-Drive is at 44.
Modwright-modded Sony 7700 is 0.
RAM-modded Toshiba is 0.
Tacam CD-RW2000 is 0
Empirical-modded Sony 7700 (the best-sounding of the bunch) varies between 0 and 15, but usually around 12.

I recently took the Lens out for a while, figuring that since the mods reduce jitter considerably and I'm using the excellent Concierto Violin and HT Cyberlight digital cables in and out of the Lens, that maybe the Lens was redundant and I could sell it and also save some money on the extra cable.

Well, I didn't notice anything dramatic at first, but after a few days of listening I found myself getting bored while listening. So I put the Lens back in and I'm tapping my toes again.
Theta Jade: 0
Modified Pioneer DV-45a: 25
Teac RW-CD22: -8
I have used a Rotel RCD 1070 with a Lens for nearly two years and and every time I power down and disconnect the Lens from the transport, I have gotten different numbers, ranging from 0 to 26. I have no idea why it should vary. When I auditioned a Levinson 37 it registered 0. I have also tried an old Philips CDR 880 and it also registered 0.