Another Which Bookshelf Speaker Should I Get?

Hey folks,

I realize these threads are pretty populous, but I also realize that y'all never seem to have a lack of opinions, so I'll give it a shot ;)

I'm building up a very simple, pure system for listening in my small Brooklyn apartment. It currently consists of:

• Marantz 2235B (35wpc)
• Technics SL-D3 (my Dad's, bought new the year I was born) running a Grado Black cartridge (new last year)

...aaand that's it. I may put an iPod dock into the mix, but for the time being I'm only going to be listening to vinyl and Red Sox games on the radio.

My speaker shortlist is:

• Rega R1
• KEF iQ3
• Paradigm Atom
• Cambridge Soundworks Model 6 ($50 used...)

I'm interested to hear what you think, and also where I should look to buy (NYC local, or online)

My musical tastes trend towards the lo-fi (Pavement, Radiohead, Band of Horses), old country, and the occasional John Adams record.

Budget gets painful anywhere north of $400, and I'm not shy about used.

And...GO! (thanks)
Get a used pair of Triangle Titus 202s for a few hundred and call it a day.
PSB Image B25. Very sensitive for its size with extraordinary dispersion and linearity.

You may think I'm nuts here, but maybe you should look into a pair of Cerwin-Vega CLS-10 floorstanders. Although they're kind of a frat house speaker, some new designers at CV who have come out of audiophile companies (I think Boston Acoustics) have put better, more linear Scandinavian-sourced midrange and HF drivers in there for a fast and transparent midrange. They also will give you more oomph for your 35 wpc with 90dB sensitivity. The flagship model from this series, the CLS-215, has gotten favorable reviews in Absolute Sound and Soundstage. You can probably see them at Guitar Center.
"You can probably see them at Guitar Center."

I think you had me until there... ;)

I will investigate! Someone else recommended the Energy Rc-10 - any thoughts?
Tannoy MX2, there is a used pair for sale her for $200. My parents have these and they are very musical. No relation to the seller.
05-06-09: Ryantomorrow
"You can probably see them at Guitar Center."

I think you had me until there... ;)
GC is where I got my Technics SL1210 M5G. Two years later I'm still very happy with it. Good sound is where you find it. I personally haven't heard the CVs, and my tastes lean toward the Canadian speakers that make extensive use of Canada's National Research Foundation (Mirage, Energy, PSB, Paradigm), but the CLS-215 got surprised and enthusiastic reviews from Absolute Sound and Soundstage, and I figure they had as much prejudice going in against that speaker as anybody.
Oh, no doubt - but GC still conjured up plenty of pubescent feelings of inadequacy stemming from having to go there with musician friends in Junior High while I was still building model rockets.
I agree with Mapmans sugestion on the Titus 202's. I sold a pair of Rogers LS3/5A's for 3 times the price I paid for the Triangle Titus and wound up with a much better sounding speaker! Much better by far!
Also recommend the Triangle Titus 202's. They play exceptionally well with tubes. With proper nearfield placement, great soundstage and imaging. If necessary, will tolerate actual "bookshelf" kinds of placement while keeping good tonality.
Sooo... why did this thread get resurrected more than two years later?
LOL, good point. We who are timeline-challenged should obviously check dates of more than just the last poster. But I must say that some other resurrections on Agon have been much more extreme. Occasionally they are constructive updates on a topic of broader interest. But I wouldn't claim that distinction for this one.
No if,and or Buts-Triangle Titus 203's are da bomb !

The Rega R1 Loudspeaker - A New Budget Reference