Another "what would you buy"preamp question..Sorry

I'm looking to update my present preamp,Bryston BP 25,with tube preamp.
I've heard great things about tube preamp and have had the chance to audition a Blue Circle BC3.1 .Gatalea.I have one word to decribe it..WOW..and right now is the one at the top of the list.
Any suggestions for a preamp that can better the BC3.1 please I,m all ears.
It you like the BC3.1, then how about the Blue Circle BC3000, or AG3000?
The Blue Circle is a sweet sounding preamp, the best I have heard in that price range.
I hate to sound like a Blue Circle cheerleader, but it's "the stuff"! You will have to spend considerably more to better it, and Sugarbrie is right; your next step will be a BC3000. Chances are, if you like the sound of Blue Circle nothing else will float your boat the same way. I tried for almost a year to fight it by auditioning other stuff, but eventually I had to give in. If you absolutely have to audition other stuff, try BAT, it's pretty decent. Sugarbrie: shame on you for tempting the guy with thoughts of a BC3000!!!
Blue Circle has also come out with a variation on its excellent entry level BC21; called the BC21.1 (probably partially due to a shortage of new 6SN7 tubes).
It really is a completely new model. It uses the same tubes as the BC3/BC3000/AG3000 (6922 tube); and shares many other design features and parts as the others

They will still be making the original BC21 also for those who prefer the sound of the 6SN7 tube. The BC21.1 will cost about $200 more I think. I guess it just depends on your taste in tubes, which one you buy.

Have all you guys have shares in BC??
Thanks for the support and I will trust my ears..BC it is
One concern though ,while auditioning tthe BC 3.1 I noticed a steady hum from the speakers ,the cd player was off,and the preamp the lowest level.Whats up with that??
Was this a new model? Hum could be the tubes going bad among other possibilities.
Floor demo model with updated Siemens Goldpoint tubes.
This unit is going back to Blue Circle for a check so I will mention it to them..Thanks

less money/better sound makes sense to me.
Nope, no shares in Blue Circle. I like it cuz it sounds good. As for the hum - there could be a grounding issue in your electrical wiring. Do you have the amp and preamp plugged into the same outlet? I had a hum problem and solved it by purchasing a power conditioner....
I phoned Blue Circle about the hum.
Once they knew that I using a Bryston 4B ST power amp ,they suggested to change position of the ground lift toggle switch at the back of the 4B ST.
Since I was only auditioning the BC3.1 and have sent it back,I will have to wait before I try that suggestion.