Another what pre..

I'm moving which gives me the opportunity to separate my HT from my stereo. My Krell HTS 7.1 has served me really well as a dual purpose unit (the 2-ch is really good in this one), but I'm going to sell that one and replace it with a dedicated 2ch pre.

My amp is a ML334, speakers Thiel CS2.4 and all cables Cardas Cross. For now, my Oppo BDP-95 will be my source along with my trusted Clearaudio turntable.

I need to stay within my budget of $1500, and the pre needs to have at least one set of XLR in and XLR out (the ML sounds MUCH better balanced, plus I already have all the cables for it...). If it has a built in phono stage, that would be a plus, but not necessary (I do have a Graham Slee Amp SE, but that's slightly too low gain for my HO-MC cartridge)

What would you recommend?
A few weeks and no response... Anyone??
At that price point w balanced in and out, I am thinking of BAT.