Another Virus Outbreak on the way....

It has already been sent here twice today ( Sunday ). Expect it to start making the rounds. Mine looked like a standard email with an attachment. The subject line simply said "re:" but that was it, no actual subject. Clicking on the actual email to open or delete it started a chain reaction i.e. opening up my windows media player and then showing an error in the data. Keep in mind that ALL of this happened without opening the attachment. Here's a link to find out more about the current rash of computer "diseases" floating around. The one i'm talking about is "badtrans". Sean
Thanks Sean, kind and helpful as always. Highly apreciated!
I had the same problem but since im not using outlook(im using incredimail), it asked me to download a file instead of downloading it automaticly so I said CANCEL!!!
Thanks for the info.

I got it this morning in the form of an attachement to an email with the same heading as a previous email sent by the same person earlier this month.

Just download a free copy of the Norton antivirus software at and get rid of it.
Same happened to me tonight, but I have an iMac, no worries.
I got it twice, came through on emails from Agoners addresses!!! Norton picked it up and quarentined it. SO no problem so far.
This was even on the TV news last night. They said that the bad trans virus installs itself even if the attachment is NOT opened (there may not even be any attachment?) all you do is open the mail or even auto-preview it. Then when you're doing online Christmas shopping, it ghost-emails your credit card number info. to someone with fraudulent intent :-(
pssst! it has no effect on macs. -cfb