another vinyl shipping question

I know this has been asked before, but I can't find it in the archives.

I need to send about 100 records. I will pack them well, likely double boxed. My question is this: many people like to take the record and inner sleeve out of the cardboard and place them between the cardboard and an outer sleeve. Why? The people at amusicdirect told me that folks do this 'to avoid smushing the records.' Huh? I don't see how taking them out of the cardboard makes things any safer. Could someone explain this to me? Any other tricks for packing would also be appreciated.

Many thanks.
The reason is to prevent splits in the cover. If the LP is left *inside* the cover, it may shift a bit during transit - and if the shift is violent enough (as it would be if the shipping box were dropped or otherwise roughly handled) the LP can cut through the edge of the cover. Older covers, already worn and weakened, are especially at risk, as very little force is required to create a new split, or aggravate an existing one.
Rshak said it in the fewest words. Enjoy!
Rshak, thanks for the response. So we're just talking about the aesthetics of the case, not any 'smushing' action, as the amusicdirect people claim. Weird.
Lousyreeds - It is primarily - but not exclusively - a question of aesthetics. Condition of the cover does affect the value of the record. And an in-tact cover will afford greater protection for the LP inside: a cover with a long split along the bottom, for example, increases the risk of the LP accidently slipping out and getting damaged in the process.