Another Vandersteen model 2 question

Sorry by keep asking questions and seeking for guidance. I just purchased a pair of 2Ci speakers. I asked Richard about the vintage and he kindly responded by telling me they are about 30 years old. I was half of my age back then and my respect doubled. Really like the sound. Now I'm thinking I must be missing so much between back then and the current new 2Ce models. I can afford them and my wife also likes the warmth and the incredible balance. The amp I'm using is my Vincent SP-331 (not the MK). Cables are run of the mill generic 12awg and bi-wired.

Thank you.

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Interesting comments about the 2Ci's, CE's and Sigs.  Its also what you got running them and the synergy that makes or breaks the sound too.

I had a pair of 1B's many years back running with a Creek 5050 int amp.  I think I would have liked some higher powered separates with a beefier sound to them, enjoyable, but lacking in overall transparency 
Five years ago I had a pair of the 2CI then three year ago I bought the 2 CE Sig II. There is a huge difference between the two, the Sig II has a better and upgraded crossovers and the new now Sig II has the woven composite midrange that I think are the same as the model 5s. Anyway, the 2CI is amp friendly, no mater what amp you use, it always sounds good. I used to drive the 2CI with my old NAD amp 150 watts and it sounded great. Now I have a pair of McIntosh 600 watts mono blocks driving my Sig II and it is very impressive as in very clear, better sound stage, tighter bass at any volume level.
i recently heard the latest model 2 in San Diego driven by 80 WPC tube VTL amp - sublime and IMO very high end
Johnny R will do right
and while colored the CJ gear can be magic also