another tube question

Any thoughts on Ram Labs Premium
Rebranded recent-manufacture, I believe. Good selection and grading most likely, but not NOS/vintage, probably the earliest they have/sell are late 70's - mid 80s.
Ram Labs chief Roger A. Modjeski is an Audiogon member. His screen name is Ram1. He designs some nice tube gear (Music Reference). You can probably email him through Audiogon and ask him yourself about how he tests his tubes and where he gets them. He is a straight shooter.

A lot of information is available at:

His website is:

See this Agon thread with his comments as well.

Sugarbrie is right on the mark! Roger tests his tubes very carefully for practically all parameters a serious audiophile would be interested in and I recommend him very highly.
I'm sure, he can probably supply you, with any tube, available. This is one of the most respected names, in tubes, so you cannot go wrong. There is nothing wrong, with new production tubes, its just that their consistentcy, of manufacture, is not up to the same standards, as tube makers, of the tube heyday. But as far as sonics go, a beautiful sounding tube, is a beautiful sounding tube, regardless, of when, or where, it was made.