another system dilemma - KEFs

Hello Audiogoners-

I’m working on upgrading the components that I pair with my Kef LS50s this summer and have gotten a little stuck. So I am looking once again for some advice for you all. I had been all set to pair the Kefs with a Rogue Cronus Magnum II and a Line Magnetic 515 CD player. I had ruled out a Line Magnetic amp because they are lower power and big. But someone just suggested the (gold) Line Magnetic 501 1a—which is 100 watts per channel and a relatively compact size. It’s considerably more expensive than the Rogue (and I would have to buy an external phono stage to run my Rega Rp6 TT), but also more tube like, I think. The trouble is I can’t find one nearby to audition, and I also can’t find any reviews. So while I know a lot of folks are admirers of Line Magnetic equipment generally, the decision feels a little blind. Does anyone have experience with this particular amplifier? Has anyone matched it with Kef LS50? And what, ultimately, should I do: Go for the known quantity with Rogue, or take a chance and go for the gold (literally!). Thanks so much for any thoughts!