Another Subwoofer Question

Hey folks

Got a question about Subwoofer Connections, and i havent been able to find an answer by searching the forums.

Say i want to use Dual Subs with my HT rig and my 2 channel Rig, which i aim to keep pretty seperate.

Probably sat/sub setup with the Denon 3805 for HT, and im toying with the idea of using dual Outlaw LFM-1 subs. (i like bass ok?)

I was thinking of going with some good monitors for 2 channel setup along with the subs, and using a sattelite setup for the surround setup, also using the subs.

Here is what i was wondering. .... ..

for 2 channel setup
My Pre-amp has no LFE out, so i was aiming to run from Source to Pre-amp to Amp, to Subwoofer high level input, then from high level output to Monitor, getting stereo sub use.

for HT, i was thinking of going from Denon AVR-3805 LFE out to Y-splitter, to LFE input on each of the the subwoofers. Sattelite speakers powered from Denon, keeping the monitors out of the scene to help keep tonal balance.

Would there be any reason i could not do something like this? Would using both inputs screw things up? Obviously i would not be playing the 2 channel setup during HT or vice verca. Do subwoofers have a tendancy to ignore high level input if they see anything less than a dead open on the LFE input? Will the subwoofer accept input from either regardless?
The folks at Outlaw or AV123 should be able to answer your question.
Assuming the .1 channel is routed to any speaker(s) set to LARGE by your HT processor (along with any bass below the crossover freq) I would just run a MCH 5.0 setup and run the stereo subs off of your pre-outs on your audiophile preamp using low level connections instead of the high-level connections like you are planning. That's what I would do. This assumes the 3805 reroutes the LFE in this manner. It may not. I do not know.

The nice thing about the high-outs is it lets you let your main stereo amps sonic signature inprint on the sub (which may be a good thing) and also only use one pair of interconnects and preouts from the preamp. I don't you know reason behind your decision to use the high-level outputs into the sub.

Either way I might still consider rerouting the LFE to the fronts. But it doesn't sound like you are using the subs plate amp to roll off the lows from the monitors, no? If not you might run into issues routing the LFE thru the monitors during high SPL peaks. This may be why you haven't considered this solution.

But like the first poster wrote, the Outlaw or AV123 folks ought be to able to help you with your dual input inquiry.

Let us know.

The subs that I'm familair with from API (Mirage, Energy, Athena Technologies) has a caution in the owner's manual that says " do not simultaneously run the low and high inputs".
I didn't see any caution in the Outlaw on-line manual. Check on this, just in case.
You would however have to switch the X-over switch to bypass in the home theater mode and use your Denon 3805 bass management and LFE output.
In the your music mode you would switch the X-over switch to active to use the sub internal crossover which should limit the bass output to the high level outputs to your monitors.
I'm not sure if the subs crossover frequency and level adjustments stays active for the high level inputs in the bypass mode, check on this too.

Good luck,

basically i would be trying to use the subs with both systems. I would use thge high level inputs from the AMP to the SUB, and then OUT of the sub to the speakers.

I would use the LFE for the Reciever, which would not be associated in any way with the amp, or the monitors.

kinda of a goofy setup, but i would want the subs doing double duty, and the Pre-amp i have does not have an LFE output, so i was thinking of using the high level inputs.

I think i will contact Outlaw and ask them if this would damage the sub.

Thanks everyone!
Not sure about your specific sub but I had been using my Klipsch sub for double duty for years. From my HT I send the LFE (.1) to the sub via interconnect.

From my 2 ch amp I "bi-wire" the speaker terminals, one set of speaker cables to the speakers, the other to the appropriate speaker inputs of the sub (I do not pass the filtered signal to my speakers). Woked great. The only downside is that I had to adjust the sub's volume to different (premarked) settings for either use.

I am now purchasing a Ruark Log Rhythm. It has two volume controls, one for the LFE input and one for the speaker input, so I should have one great sub for both systems.

Hope this helps.