Another streaming newbie

Guys, I have tried to search and figure this out, because I know this topic has been well-covered. But I am still wandering in the dark, so plz forgive my redundant questions....

First, here's my current rig,: I built a Lenco table 15 yrs ago with a JMW 10 arm/London Super Gold that I run into a phono pre that I built from a pretty high end kit  (can't see the name, have no idea what it is now!) thru a VTL tube IT-85 integrated amp and then thru some SF Electa Amator II, supported by a sub I built.  So pretty mid-fi setup, but it really works for me.  Sounds great, to my ears.  

The Covid thing has me home (no golf in Los Angeles!), listening to music more. Would love to stream something that approaches the vinyl sound quality with a music service, but being retired, budget is more a concern now... I just subscribed to TIDAL with its premium level (MQA) that I was running straight from my iphone 6 to the VTL. Meh.  Then my daughter ran same stuff through her iphone 11 and, hey, that sounded better.  So, clearly, I am in need of a streaming DAC.  

I know MQA gets mixed reviews. I have no way really to test this or to go listen to stuff. Everything is shut down here. So here's the criteria that matters most to me:
  • A great UI app because now streaming is like going to the Smithsonian.  There's a lot to organize. 
  • Great sound. (whatever that means!) 
  • One box.  Cables get expensive & messy.  
  • I'd like to keep it under $2K. I'd really like to keep it under $1K, but that may be wishful thinking.  I mean, is Bluesound Node 2 up to it? I am sure it would beat my daughters iphone 11, but ... what are reasonable streamers/DACS?  Where's the killer solution that isn't $10K?  I know it's out there....
I am not so far into TIDAL that I can't change. My system is in the same room as my router, so I can run an ethernet cable to the DAC.  As I have looked at all of this, it has occurred to me to get an older, much higher quality used DAC that I can somehow mesh with TIDAL (or another service with high quality streaming) and forget the MQA.  But this has to somehow hook into my internet directly and be able to be run by a remote UI.  So now my head is spinning.

Thanks for your input.  Chuck
I stream with Qobuz using an iPhone 6s to an Audioengine B1 connected to a tube preamp. 
I’ve tried Pandora, Apple, Spotify and Tidal but presently am using Qobuz and prefer the sound quality even at lower steaming settings.

The Audioengine B1 is a cheap entry to streaming but sounds very good to me..
Oh wow guys. Lot of great input since I last looked. But I was up at crack of dawn to go to grocery store and will read more carefully, reply
later. Back to bed! 
So many choices, so many options, I went through this streaming delimia awhile back also.
I was after ease of use and a wide selection of streaming services. Also to intergrate whatever I decided on with my existing old school stereo rig. I already have a good external DAC so my hunt was a little easier.I also didn't want to break the back in the process. It's not mentioned, but I came across the Audiolab 6000N that uses:
Play-Fi  for the software interface
and it does have an internal DAC : ES9018 Sabre32 Reference chip. It does not have a display, but 6 preset buttons. and its also wi fi ready, and for $600 it dies exactly what I want in a streamer. It won What Hi Fi streamer of the year award for what's that's worth
Agee with Bluesound Node Ci the interface is very intuitive, the DAC sounds great thru my vintage Sherwood HP2000 (last of the American built Sherwoods) and my B&W 702 S2's.
Do you mind explaining this one a bit more?  I don't think the analog analogy is the best one to use here since we are talking digital and ones and zeros.  The reason a high end cdp cost so much mostly the dac, you can only do so much with the rest of the internals to improve sound-wise.  

Using a great UI with proper connections with an upgraded DAC doesn't seem anywhere near as bad as you are suggesting but if it is I would like to know why.

Some have suggested buying a Bluesound and an external DAC. If you like the Bluesound app and the Bluesound's features, an external DAC can provide better sound quality.  

But like the rest of your system, everything matters. If you're looking for the best sound quality, skip the Bluesound.  

Adding an expensive DAC to the Bluesound is kind of like putting a $1,000 cartridge on a $500 turntable. Sure, it'll sound better than the stock cart it came with, but you won't come close to what that $1,000 cartridge is capable of, because the turntable isn't up to the task.