Another streamer option

Is anyone using Rocketfish "Bluetooth Music Reciever"? It sells for $50 at Best buy, hooks up Bluetooth to my android phone,  has 3 options to go to reciever. In all my reading here I have never heard of this product mentioned.
I have Dynaudio Xeo3's witch are "active" speakers with internal amps an DAC's.

I went with the optilink option to run the Rocketfish to the signal box of the speakers. 
Do you get anything more out of the streamers I have been reading about? Or is this route good?
Anyone else running wireless, active speakers? I like the way my system sounds, is the $500-$1000 streaming systems provide better sound? Currently using my phone to listen to Tidal and Iheart.
Let's hear the thoughts on this cheap route.
I don't know about in your system (I'm not knocking it, I just haven't heard any of those components)  but streamers do improve as price increases (not always and not in a direct 1:1 ratio).  I don't know if buying something like an Auralic Aries would improve your sound  but I'm pretty sure you're not going to get great sound out of a $50 Bluetooth streamer.
I don't have any experience with this particular device but streaming music from the phone using Bluetooth usually does not sound as good as streaming music using a streamer with a built in DAC. That said, my suggestion is to trust your ears. There's always something out there better than what you have....
I'm wondering how would a streamer with a built in DAC  work with active speakers that have a built in DAC. Are they compatable?
In this digital forum I can't believe there aren't more people into active speakers, hence removing the need for amps, preamps and recievers.

Regarding your first question, in that scenario the DAC in the speakers will basically override the streamer DAC and is used. Lot of folks including me use a (better) outboard DAC connected to the streamer - with a built in DAC, to get a better sound quality.

As for the second question , remember some folks approach music playback as a hobby and part of the hobby is the ability to tweak, upgrade, etc., and most all in one solutions don't provide that level of pleasure. Case and point is I heard the so called wireless KEF LS-50 speakers for the first time at a friend's house this past Friday night and I was extremely impressed. Probably the simplest system I had ever seen to operate and the sound quality surpassed many if not most of the separates I had heard.

Thx for your response Kalali, is your friend streaming? Do the KEF's have a built in DAC? Whats the setup?