Another speaker idea thread

Trying to decide what speaker I want to use with a
Marsh A400 amp & Marsh P2000 Preamp.

Dont mind getting a monitor, but would want one that has decent low end and can add a sub later on if needed.

I have read countless threads on these 2 speakers : Vienna Acoustics ( Bach or Mozart ) and the Spendor S-5e and not sure if either of these would be a good choice or is there something else ? Budget is $1k to $1500

Room size is 13w x 21 l w / sloping cathedral ceilings. Room has acoustical wall treatments.

Not sure if it matters, but vinyl is the only source and music tastes go from Big Band to Rock and everything in between.
LSA-1s have gotten a lot of accolades. Read about them on the web, use Google to find the sites...