Another sign SACD is dying

I went to Best Buy to purchase some SACDs and after searching for the special section containing sacds and xrcds without success, I asked the salesman where they were. He informed me that they were all removed since dual disc is now the rage. WOW!
I am forced to agree with you. My SACD list is mostly comprised of the genre that includes Pink Floyd, Elton John, Sheryl Crow, Allman Brothers, The Who, etc. I am eargerly awaiting to hear RUSH on SACD and - hopefully - the long rumored Moody Blues "classic 7" releases!! For every one SACD released in the genre I listed above, there are 50 (it seems) SACD releases of Classical and Jazz - Not that I have a problem with that but it's not the type music I listen to regularly.
I too wish that more Rock/Pop music would be released in a high-rez format and in that respect both SACD and DVDA has done a lousy job!
In the greater context of this thread however, I place my chips on SACD. I view the coming high-def video format war between DVD-HD and Blu-Ray as a repeat of the DVDA vs. SACD format war. From what I have read, Blu-Ray has the edge coming out of the chute. I can't believe that Sony won't try and incoporate SACD and/or DSD in this next generation of High-def DVD players. If that happens I expect to see SACD around for many more years than DVD-A.
Ironically, it will be some sort of ultra-high capacity storage device (think a high-rez iPod) that will kill off both formats in the end. Just think the computer companies wii come up with a better audio record/playback system than the audio companies!!! - Tony
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This is already possible via the DAC in the CARY 306 SACD player.
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geez guys, remember, sony music is not owned by sony anymore(the blue ray guys)......look at the release schedule for sacd. duran duran and yo yo ma