Another sign SACD is dying

I went to Best Buy to purchase some SACDs and after searching for the special section containing sacds and xrcds without success, I asked the salesman where they were. He informed me that they were all removed since dual disc is now the rage. WOW!
To Jadem6 good response; as I have done the same.

Here's the link.

I was seeing if there were any SACD's being released by Rush and typed "Rush SACD" in google. BTW: There are:-)
SACD dead?.....the number one selling recording at ACOUSTIC SOUNDS is the dire straits SACD.In fact 3 of the top 5 sellers are SACD.
ok....jazz and classical releases(with sacd) are less than 10% 0f all music sales. the quarterly release schedule for sacd is around 250(the lion's share from sony. cd and dvd is around 8000 titles per quarter. the playstation 3's compatibility will extend not only to sacd but hddvd as well. of the nearly 3500 sacd releases, nearly 1/3 are or will be slated for extinction. one more thing....releases dont equate to sales. if you talking sales increases over last year, vinyl is the fastest growing material format(the numbers are microscopic). sales in the industry overall are still down, a trend that hasn't stopped. remember, sony just sold their music company to bmg(a company that loves to work assetts without overspending. buy music 'regardless of the format', or soon there will be only one major label. the more formats, the better, but the internet is where the easy money comes from. and big companies love easy money.
I love this thread - it's title is about SACD being dead, but reading the posts on this thread is very encouraging. Jaybo provides some entertainment with his numbers that he won't back up with any source (sorry jaybo but if I don't have evidence, I don't blindly trust the numbers given - not saying you are dishonest but still will need some proof). And everyone else is giving good examples how SACD is more alive than I realized.