Another sign SACD is dying

I went to Best Buy to purchase some SACDs and after searching for the special section containing sacds and xrcds without success, I asked the salesman where they were. He informed me that they were all removed since dual disc is now the rage. WOW!
October 28th 2005

News from Sony’s Super Audio CD Business Centre in Japan indicates that the format continues to grow and attract new supporters. Analysts highlight a global trend linking increased demand for SA-CD compatible players with people investing in HD ready home theatre systems. “Super Audio CD is established as the hi-res package medium in the HiFi audio market,” commented Yushi Igarashi, Project Manager, Sony Audio Group’s Super Audio CD Project. “There are over 10 million players in circulation worldwide and the rapid growth in home theatre systems sales is the single largest factor boosting hardware sales.”

There are more than 30 manufacturers worldwide developing Super Audio CD playback capabilities in their consumer equipment. In total there are over 150 different models offering the broadest range of price points and model types from HiFi components to combination DVD-Video players, home theatre systems and a new generation of Integrated Digital Televisions. The launch next year of Sony’s PlayStation 3, complete with Super Audio CD playback capabilities, is predicted to create another boost in Super Audio CD sales. Market growth estimates indicate that Super Audio CD hardware sales are increasing at their fastest rate ever since the format’s introduction in 1999. Equipment manufacturers include a strong combination of AV brands, such as Philips, Pioneer, Sharp, Denon, Yamaha and Onkyo as well as leading audiophile developers, including Accuphase, Linn, Classe, Esoteric, dCS and EMM.

On the software side growth in Super Audio CD releases remains strong with an average of 250 new albums being released each quarter since September 2003. At the end of September 2005 there were 3,288 Super Audio CD titles listed on leading website The biggest contributor to new Super Audio CD releases is the independent sector with record labels such as Telarc (137), Pentatone (84) and Octavia (84) supporting large and growing Super Audio CD catalogues. Also, the multinationals reflect this growth with SonyBMG (663), UMG (451) and EMI (72) looking to develop their hi-res catalogues.

2004 saw more than 1000 new album titles released on SA-CD and at the same time replication volumes continue to grow, year on year. Growth has been strongest in the jazz and classical sectors, which together account for 63 per cent of all SA-CD releases as well as being the strongest sector in hardware sales. “Jazz and classical music lovers have been the first to recognise and appreciate the added value that Super Audio CD offers to their home listening,” explained Yushi Igarashi. “Traditionally, these two sectors represent some of the most discerning consumers and they have recognised the long-term potential that Super Audio CD offers, particularly in a High Definition home entertainment environment. As we progress further into the HD era we are confident that Super
Audio CD will become a cornerstone in home entertainment – the audio equivalent of HDTV.”
I too wish more of the music I want to purchase were being remastered or recorded on SACD. Sony will have SACD with their Playstation 3, which is sure to be a hit, and I have no doubts SACD playback will be included in the Blu-Ray Hi-Def DVD players - developed by Sony -that will be released. Word is Blu-ray is gaining traction as the predominent format over the rival HD-DVD camp. Obviously, these have yet to come to pass but writing off the format entirely seems very premature! My 2 cents - Tony
Great info....TREYHOSS....Thank you
Sony will have SACD with their Playstation 3? (thanks treyhoss) - any of you doom and gloomers care to address that?
Treyhoss, you THE MAN of the hour. Thank you for this wonderful info. What site is this listed on? Would like to get that link, to the site. I am facing-off 2 more guys at, who told me that major audio magazines say SACD is dead. Sad part is that one of them is a Vinly lover and doesn't have a SACD player. I did not want to say this, but sometimes I feel that these guys feel that their LP turf is being treaded upon by SACD.