Another shout out for Uship!

I recently sold a large set of Snell Type A V5's. I've had them for sale for awhile here on Audiogon. I passed up quite a few opportunities to sell them as the potential buyers required me to ship them. I passed on all offers until I was simply "beat down" and agreed to ship them. I did require that the seller arrange freight. The buyer is in California. I am in Pennsylvania. I packed in the original factory boxes (Still a bear of a job!). An individual from Uship showed up at my house at midnight! I had agreed to let him get here whenever he could. I wheeled the speakers (four large boxes) out to a 24 foot trailer. He strapped them in. They didn't come off that trailer until reaching California eight days later. They were in perfect condition! MOST damage in shipping occurs in the transfer between docks and uncaring people there.
Also, the cost was $1.00 lb. to the buyer. A great deal! Highly recommended. Joe

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