Another sad tale, hopefully Ian can make plans and peace with the world

Very sad for sure. A friend of mine has been dealing with the same thing for a few years now. Not an easy way to live. 
We're reading more and more of these lately, but this hits hard. I have been a Tull fan since the 60's. There are many people that I hope outlive me, Ian Anderson is one of them (Dylan is another). I'm glad to know that his demise is not imminent, although he's struggling. Despite reading this, I'm hoping he lives comfortably for many more years. 
I know exactly what he is going through, was diagnosed with level 3, out of 4 COPD, 6 years ago. While it certainly limits my activity, life is still good and very much enjoyable. Enjoy the music, I know I do and remember, non of us are getting out alive.
Number one Tull fan here. Ian has always been a bit different in more ways than one. When I read about him dumping Martin Barre like a hot rock a while back and what Martin had said about it, I thought he’s really flipped his lid. Ian stated that Tull had runs it’s course. Perhaps the COPD is the real reason. We all handle things differently. Wishing Ian the best.

I had my lungs cooked, behind a confined space tank entry. I actually breathed out fire, in the space. It was a water reactive environment.
The guy that checked, tested only for O2, flammable, and combustible
40 years ago. No water reactive..

Needless to say my smoking days were over. COPD for over 40 years...It's not a death sentence, but it will scare the heck out of you.

Took me a couple years to really get my breath back. 65 years old now, I got a few left in the tank.. I think.. LOL 

I wish, hope and encourage them all, keep on going.
After all what's the alternative? Toot Toot!!!

Respectfully, and with Regard
So sad to hear this! I was a Tull fan since early ‘70’s Heavy Horses, Seen him back stage, and many many concerts. Very disappointed with him dumping Martin Barre - not the same anymore- last concert in Seattle was terrible- wish him all the best!  
Cheers to Ian!  Made me fall in love with the flute!  Some of the greatest memories in my 70 years with music on this beautiful planet  Best music period in history!  Thick as a Brick!  Cheers and a special prayer to Ian tonight!!!

That dude is a jackass. Yes that's for you Slaw.

I have been going to Tull concerts since the late 60's.
Anderson is an innovative talent that my friends and I revered.

Cigarettes will eventually kill you if you missed the message here.

I can only hope the people behind Chrysalis Records went first.

I don't understand the title of your thread. He has a limited amount of time to be alive as we all do. He's living his life as it comes. What makes you think that he has to make peace with the world?
Don't we ALL have to make peace with the world before we depart??
I know I certainly do.

Please don't try and look at it too deeply...…..
I suffer from COPD also and it is incurable but it can be slowed down and treated with medication.And slaw is correct - covid19,flu,even severe colds are extremely dangerous for those of us with lungs that are only partially functional.
I'm a huge Tull fan too and wish Ian the best.It's always sad hearing about the musicians we've enjoyed for many years having declining health.
"Don’t we ALL have to make peace with the world before we depart??
I know I certainly do."

He may have already done that if it needed to be done. I don’t think he is at war with the world. I just thought that the title of your thread was very maudlin and presumptive.

And of course one is entitled to their opinions.
As I said it was never meant to be deep and reaching, sometimes I fear people look too far into something.

Yes...Let there be Peace.
I normally really enjoy your posts. I don't mean to make a big fuss about this one. Sorry for that.
Heck no Roxy!
Please do not apologize, absolutely no need.

Looking back at it, I likely could/should have titled the thread a little better.
Sort of makes one think I thought he had many demons to lay to rest which was not the case at all.

Still I truly hope he has many years ahead of him to enjoy yet.
And to hopefully entertain us further.
Many carry hidden burdens and risk

wishing Ian and the various members of Tull well :-) so much excellent music over many many years....
     I didn't bother to read the post on Facebook a few days ago as I don't believe anything on social media. So sorry to hear and wish him all the luck in the world.                                                I blame Tull for my addiction to music. Seen them 3 times in the 70's here in Milwaukee at our largest venue at the time. The Milwaukee Arena.  The mother of a friend of mine worked at the box office, sat in the first 10 rows for all the shows.                                                                       A quick note about Martin Barre,  also disturbed about him leaving Tull. Martin has come through Milwaukee a few times in the last 10 years ago and played at a small venue, Shank Hall. The last time here a couple of years ago I phoned the owner as he knows me from all the shows I attended there. I asked if he would pass a letter from me to Martin when I got to the show. I just wanted to thank him for 50 years of enjoying Tull and his solo stuff.                                 During the intermission the owner and one of Martin's men came up to me and invited me back stage. What a moment, he thanked me for being a fan since the beginning. I had to ask about the Tull situation. The response was what I expected from a first class person, no comment.                                                                                                                                             At least I didn't call him a great star. I learned my lesson from a few years ago when I messaged my Facebook friend Damian Wilson from England. I thanked him and all the other superstars from across the pond for still making great music. He said we are not superstars, we are gifted and just want to share.                                                                                                   I consider him the most passionate male singer on the planet. If you are not aware then please check him out. He has a long history, from the old English group Threshold through his work on the Ayreon projects. Off the top of my head check out the many performances of "The Druids Turn To Stone".
I had the opportunity to see Jethro Tull back in the 80's twice, and just a year ago I saw Martin Barre's band at the Celebrity Theatre here in Phoenix. 
I have loved that band for so long, and Martin is certainly near the top of my list of most loved and admired musicians. For me, Jethro Tull's music has passed the test of time. Stand Up sounds fresh, beautiful and brilliant every time I put it on.   
Well it's one year and hes still here.i had Grist cancer 21/2 lb tumor removed from the lining of my intestines. Be on meds for 3 years..Smoked until I was like 32...I'm 69 now....Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull ,I have always been a fan..Have all of there albums on vinyl and cds and boxsets....Cancer is something we all get it seems...Blame it on the way our food was grown,cooked and canned.The air we breath.The water we don't have to be a smoker or drinker to get it just have to live on the planet Earth...
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