Another Rythmik Question

What is the essential difference between the F12, F12G, and F12SE? What would lead one to choose one over the other sound wise. The specs look nearly identical from the web sight. I undertand the G is paper. What would the sound difference be?
IIRC, the F12SE is the F12 with a 370wpc amp (vs 300wpc) and a gloss cabinet.

The G features a GR brand driver. I believe that this driver has a following in the DIY community. Difference in sound between the drivers? Not a clue. I can say that the 12SE is a very fine performer, reasonably priced for what it is, and looks nice, too.

Thanks Marty. I noticed you can now get the Non Se version with the 370 watt amp for 100 dollars less than the SE. So I would be saving 100 dollars not getting the gloss cabinet

I noticed you had some Velodyne subs for a while. What was the key difference in the sound between the Velodynes and the Rythmiks?

If I tried to describe the difference, I would probably mislead you. I'll try anyway.

It's very odd, but the little Velos sounded punchy and dynamic while the Rythmiks don't sound much of anything at all. Just solid and there. I would have guessed that the Velos (2 x SPLR8) were producing more output at/around 80db, but they were measured for the same output. In fact, both sets of subs were EQ'd to nearly identical on-axis FR at the listening position, but sounded quite different from each other (pointing out the limitations in this measurement approach).

Bottom line: The Rythmiks are abit less "dramatic", but in a relative comparison they are also less obtrusive. Some folks might prefer the Velos. I now use one in a little HT system in my den and the other in my dining room where each serves its respective purpose nicely.

Sorry if that's a bit vague, but it's the best I can muster.

Sorry, "80db" in the above post should have read "80hz". Better yet, "60 - 100hz". Kick drum and a bit up.