Another Nice Tool Audiogon Deleted Because It Was Free

Well, once again Audiogon took away a nice tool because they weren't charging for it. If you had items in your "watch list" that had sold or expired, you would remove these and still find them in the "archive" tab in your watch list. Members could use this to track sales and the prices for which an item had/had not sold. Audiogon removed that tab recently without any notice to the member community. 
one must be really gullible to post items for sale via audiogon, the very unsecure site driven by amateur crew.
i never do that, because i'm not amateur, but IT professional so don't really care.
I am new to posting on audio websites.  I have lurked for a long time and now I am going to try to participate for a while. In the past I have been very turned off by many posts I read.   It leaves me with such a bad impression when I read posts that are hateful and are opinions designed to put others or products down.  I would like to see these forums to be more like Reddit, where posters know they are held to a higher standard when making comments. Let's be informative and helpful.  That should be the objective.
I also am disappointed at the removal of the “watching” archive.  It was a very nice feature to follow the history for items I was considering buying eventually, but wanted to get a handle on the going “market price”. 
Audiogon is certainly within their rights to discontinue ( or limit) this feature, but it would have been courteous to offer some notice.