Another Next Best Tweak

I purchased some powerful Neodymium Rare Earth Rod Magnets about 3/8" diameter and 1" long that are axially magnetized, Poles On Flat Face. They sell for about $4 each).
I placed two of these per speaker cable at the end near the speaker spades. With the opposite pols pulling towards each other through the wire.
They grab like hell and will stay in that position.

There is an improvement in sound quality.
I wonder if this is what Virtual Dynamics was doing?
An improvement or a difference? Leave the magnets there for a week. After one week take them off and you will know if they are really an improvement.
Hi Ozzy,
I talked about using magnets in an earlier thread. I use them on my Synergistic Research MPCs with good effect. You can try them anywhere there are transformers in your system.
Colored magnets are quite interesting,, green, blue depending on where placed - aluminum, steel, power plugs, glass, wood, etc. The colored magnets can be the low power inexpensive ceramic type, no problemo.
This does work, and I noticed an improvement in sound. I used a larger (stronger) Neodymium Rare Earth magnet on the Transformer side in My amp. I had it on for two weeks and can say it is an noticeable improvement, compared to not having the Neodymium magnet.

But being the Audio tweaker that I am, I put a similar size Neodymium magnet on the other side of the outside chassis of my amp. What happen was the sound became much cleaner sounding. The over all sound was louder, especially voices. But in away I liked the sound , but something was missing in the fullness area. So I tried a smaller Neodymium magnet and everything snapped right in place.

The nice but to lean sound was gone. The fullness was back, but better than with the one Neodymium magnet on the Transformer side. Dynamics were better as was the bass. So this combo of different size Neodymium magnets works in my current system. Power amps are the only place I have tried the magnets.

I used the Neodymium magnets on both of my Emotiva UPA-1 mono-blocs amps with great success. I only used one Neodymium magnet on each mono-bloc near the transformer.

Wish I would have thought to try the two magnet combo on each mono amp before I sold them.

Thanks for the additional information. Jejaudio, are you saying that I can just place the magnet on the outside chassis cover?
Ozzy: Look at my system pictures. I just took some pictures of the Neodymium Magnets I use.

Yes you can place them on the outside chassis cover. I have posted a picture of a handful of the Neodymium Magnet that I have. They are all taken from computer Hard-Drives.

Some are larger than others, but they all are super strong, like you said. I have dozens of these Neodymium Magnets.

BTW you can cleanly break the Magnet from the steel plate by using two channel-locs pliers, and bending the steel back plate on each end to separate the glue holding the Neodymium Magnet. You will hear a slight pop

I like to leave the steel back-plate on, because the flat magnets are to much work to remove. But you can slide them on the chassis of your gear. I guess most would not want to do that for fear of scratching the equipment.
Jeaudio, Thank you for your response. I'm going to give it a try this evening on my Amp.

Back to my original post, and to respond to Rrog comments, I have taken the magnet's on and off the speaker cable as you suggested. The result???
Well, I'll be "dogg on" if there isn't more dynamics to the sound with the magnets.
Now, my speaker cables are DIY with only oversized Teflon tubing used as a dielectic so perhaps that is why the magnets seem to work so well.
I have tried neodymium magnets on all components that have a transformer -- on the outside of the chassis. The results have been uniformly good -- as well as on the MPCs. There are forums that talk about how people magnets in their systems. If you look for these forums you may find some useful information.
I just tried this magnet tweak on my speaker cables. It works just as good there as it does on my power amp.Like you said Ozzy, the dynamics are better.The bass is deeper Thanks for the tip
Hi Ozzy. The use of Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets sounds worth trying. I just looked at a webpage for such and now need your advise. What strength, size shape etc should I try?

Check out my original posting for the size and shape.
I like the rod style because they won't slip off and grab together like the flat style does. As to strength, I just bought what was in that size. The Neodymium Rare Earth magnets all seem to be very strong. So strong that when the poles are together it is quite a feat to pull them apart.
For those experimenting with magnets, some other interesting places to try them is on power cord plugs, any steel or aluminum case of electronics, on wood bookcases and other wood furniture.

The rod style makes sense. I'm going to buy different styles and give it a try. More fun on the way.

Well, it seems none of my Audio chassis are magnetic.
I did try a set on one of my power cords, and it seemed to thin out the sound ever so slightly.
My best option was placing three, on the back side of my
amp's transformer. The magnets don't "stick," as much as they
just stay in place. They are from Monster Magnets,
They are circular, with a hole, measuring .74 in od x .375 in id
x .105 in thk. These were the biggest ones in stock at a
local electronics store, $15.99 for three.
In my opinion, equal to or better than a cable or power cord upgrade!
Sgordon, What would you call the back side of the transformer? On the windings or on the frame?
With neodymium magnets just put them on the outside of the chassis on top or on bottom -- wherever there is a transformer.
I just tried some magnets on top of the transformers on my Cary 306 Pro and they seemed to thin out the sound.
The back of the transformer is the farthest point from the front of the
amplifier, with magnets placed on their side. Since the magnet is shaped
like a tire, the contact point of the magnet is like the side that faces the center of the car at all times.

On my Marsh A400 there are five wires
that go from the top of the transformer to the circuit board.
The three magnets are placed (clock analogy) at ten, twelve
(the center of the group of wires) and two.
This sounded better to me than placing them farther apart,
at eight, twelve, and four, for example.

When I remove the magnets after a while, I can feel
them continuing to vibrate in my hand for a few seconds!

I agree that placement on top thins out the sound. On my unit,
the magnetic attraction is very strong on top, and relatively weak
on the sides!

I me enjoying the WA Quantum transformer chip placed on top
of the transformer. Have you played with these, yet?
I tried them on my DIY Ground Control cables. They work good there. But I did notice that having the magnets away from the DIY Ground Control connectors at least 1 inch but no more the 2 inches makes a big difference in bang or bust in sound. So you may have to slowly (tweak) move the magnets towards the connector to lock in the best sound.
What if the chassis is not magnetic???

Here is a bonus: clean the magnets with BRASSO
and then treat with a contact enhancer, before returning them
to service! I use Stabilant...
I just put 8 neodymium magnets as a single rod about 3" under my power conditioner. They are super strong. Each one is 1" x 1" x 1/2" square. The effect is stunning. I will be doing a lot more experimenting in the coming weeks using these strong magnets.
Sabai, Are your magnets polarized on the ends?
If so, with the magnets under the Powercell do the magnets attract to the Powercell or just sit under it?
Please explain with more details.
I have the PowerCell in series with a Bybee Stealth. Everything is plugged into the Bybee -- except the MPCs. I bottom load all my components. They sit on 3" high Tupperware-styled containers filled with dry beach sand. The block of neodymium magnets (bought off Amazon -- I am sure they are polarized) is directly under the right side of the Bybee about 3" below the chassis so it will not cling to the chassis. If you bring a block of these magnets close to any component they will immediately stick to the chassis and you will not be able to get them off.
Can you explain whats going on with the magnets? Where to buy them, where to place them? can you also tell me more about the windchimes? where to place them? wood / metal windchimes? and whats going on there, with the windchimes. any other room treatment advise would be greatly appreciated!! thanks!
B_limo, Sorry I can’t explain about the Magnets, except that Virtual Dynamics spent many years and sold probably thousands of cables using magnets at the ends. Just do a search for neodymium magnets and you will find many sources to buy from.
The wind chimes has me stumped, never heard about them. Perhaps there use is comparable to the Synergistic Research stuff.
Ozzy, you have wood wind chimes in all four corners and a metel wind chime front and center? I'm asking because I want to try this also. What did you notice on sound difference?
Ear Cleaning kit $100 from CVS Audiophile Technologies, Inc.

Or you can get the same thing marketed to normal people for about $13 at local CVS pharmacy.