Another new DAC: Audio Mirror

Just ran across this last night. Never heard of them before but
as a Minnesota company tweaked my curiosity.
Audio Mirror Tubadour III non-oversampling tube DAC. Sounds interesting.
If anyone runs across one and has a listen please post.
Thank you teajay. I did buy a backup set of tubes that were already soldered to an adapter. 

I bought some 5977 tubes on Ebay even before I received my dac. I didn’t realizing what I was getting into with the bare tubes.
I was really interested in this Dac until I read somewhere that the tubes don’t last long, I planned to use the Dac with my tv as well as my Roon setup.
How many hours of tube life can one expect from this Dac? Even if I was not using it with my tv, I still listen for many hours at a time, often music is playing all weekend and week nights.

Don't know what you read or are expecting , but here's what they say on the Audio Mirror website

"Expected tube life for 5977 subminiature tubes is  >5000 hrs."

@gryphongryph I also use mine as part of the television/ps4 system. Fortunately, the replacement tubes are cheap and plentiful. I wouldn't (and don't) stress about it.