Another new DAC: Audio Mirror

Just ran across this last night. Never heard of them before but
as a Minnesota company tweaked my curiosity.
Audio Mirror Tubadour III non-oversampling tube DAC. Sounds interesting.
If anyone runs across one and has a listen please post.
Has anyone experimented with different coax cables with the AMT III? I'm using a CA CXC as a transport and suspect there are gains to be had with better cables. I have tried 2 different cable from Straightwire and the results are significant enough to consider exploring. 

BTW did some mods on the CXC that provided improvement. Put in some Dynamat, redirected a wire and separated 2 wires that were clipped together.
A cross-post from the Lampizator Amber 3 thread that I think people here would be interested in too...

Finished my dac shootout today... had the Lampizator Amber 3, Audio Mirror Tubadour 3 SE, ifi iDSD pro, and Shiit Bifrost 2 on hand. Previously also had a Matrix x-sabre pro, PS Audio Directstream, and PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC MK2 in the same system. All were fed lossless Tidal with the SPDIF output of a Magna Mano Ultra streamer. Speakers are Coincident PREs, amplified by First Watt F4 monoblocks, and a Don Sach's DS-3 6SN7 preamp (see my system page for full details).

First, I'd like to echo Bill's comments about Colin of Gestalt Audio. Total class act, and highly recommended for any purchase. He's been responsive, helpful, and not at all pushy. Perfect service.

For review: In my system, the Audio Mirror was the winner. To my ears, it was the most real sounding of the bunch. It has beautiful "meat on the bones" and was the most holographic. The Amber sounded good, but in a very different way. For me, it was brighter and more lively. The soundstage was huge, but had less depth and liquidity than the AM. I also liked the iFi iDSD pro (used in tube+ mode with the bitperfect filter). It had great tonality, but was significantly flatter and less 3-dimensional than the AM. I think more people should give it a shot. The Shiit was good. Very even-handed and competent, but more "digital sounding" to my ears. My friend was listening blind and liked it the second best of the group (behind the AM).  

Despite its king-of-the-hill status in specs (see Audio Science Review), I did not enjoy the Matrix x-Sabre Pro. It was very quiet and clean, with a nice mellow sound, but also a bit "grey" and sterile. I also did not like the PS Audio Directream, which just sounded wrong in my system. It felt disjointed. I don't know what the situation is, but for some reason it doesn't work with my ears. Unlike others, I actually preferred the PerfectWave over it (twice - as I tried upgrading two times over a 4 year span).  

All in all, it was great to finally listen to a wide range of sources, and I could enjoy most of the ones in the stable. The experience also brought me closer to my AM T3-SE. A beautiful, highly recommended dac.
just a little thought about the AM3 SE Dac and the Cambridge CXC transport...Well i recently changed Transports from the CXC to The Audiolab 6000cdt transport and let me tell you the difference was not SMALL!...The Audiolab was BETTER in every thing we value..Bass...Treble...Huge soundstage..The list goes on,!,,,and sold my CXC and would not want it back..and the audiolab and the AM3 SE are a match made in audio Nivana!...TRUTH! .....As always in audio and LIFE YMMV!!
@musichead the best cable I've found between the AM and CXC is a Silnote Morpheus lll.The separation between the instruments and vocals,tone,timbre,and lack of glare is really excellent.I've tried quite a few in the past six months and it is head and shoulders above the rest.Give it a try.
I want to concur with the conclusions of fellow poster Cal3713 regarding that the AM 3 SE has the most beautiful liquidity and "ease" that allows you to relax into the music.  In the past two weeks I have compared the AM 3 SE to my standard Orchid, a modified Orchid, and Lamp Amber 3, and across the board I found, in the context of my system, the Audio Mirror to perform at a higher musical level.

I will be writing my formal review for Stereo Times in the next few weeks that will get into all the details regarding Vlad's wonderful music making DAC.