Another new DAC: Audio Mirror

Just ran across this last night. Never heard of them before but
as a Minnesota company tweaked my curiosity.
Audio Mirror Tubadour III non-oversampling tube DAC. Sounds interesting.
If anyone runs across one and has a listen please post.

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I've had one of these DACs in my system for 2-3 weeks now. It's still burning in each time sounding better than each previous day. It is very musical! Seamless, fluid and dynamic. I understand why Audio Note stuck with this chip. My reference points are a Rega DAC R that I was stuck on because despite its shortcomings is very musical and frames the music like a good TT. My other reference point is my TT DV XV1s/TW Raven/AC controller/10.5 arm/Tron Seven Phono. The gap between my TT and Rega DAC was more of every parameter being relatively constrained but the music framed in the same manner that's why I was hesitant to move off it. This Audio Mirror DAC, not fully broken substantially narrows the gap with the TT and with nothing lost. I plan to wait until its fully broken in before experimenting with cables and fuses. At this point no need to it sounds that good very similar to quality vinyl playback. Interesting how it makes some of those older CD mastering sound so good! Its improved every CD in my collection so far, none dropping off or not listenable which is so common with many digital units. I always believed you don't have to spend over $2K to get into top shelf digital.

Installed a SR Blue fuse in the AM DAC, nice! really nice!
Can't get over how good the older CDs sound, especially the early Blue Notes. Either they were mastered based on this type of chip or the chips where designed based on the mastering or maybe both?
Read the review, I guess Vlad didn't pay the required advertising fee. The review was meaningless?
It improves over time for sure. Try a SR blue fuse in it improved mine significantly. 
You are correct where the fuse is located. Just need to pull out the tray and the fuse is clipped into place. These fuses are directional so if the music doesnt seem quite right change the direction. The impact should be heard within an hour and improves daily.
Well I did the upgrade from the standard version to the maxed out version with Dueland caps, etc. It's been running in for about 3 weeks now.

The DAC has been transformed, I'm very happy with the results. The character of the DAC didn't change it just got better in all of the parameters. I would equate it to a significant preamp or cartridge upgrade. The noise floor drops siginificantly, there is more depth to the presentation, more contrast (tonal and dynamics). It gells the performance better similar to a high end preamp or cartridge. The performance or musical expression is drawn out of the 1s and 0s making it sound very analogue and similar to my TT setup (DV XV1s, TW Acustic Raven, TW 10.5 arm, Tron Phono). Not one of my CDs sounds bright or has a fatigue factor. The detail isn't being drawn out and highlighted it blends into the body of each instrument, balanced. If you've listened to a really good TT setup you will know what I mean.

The DAC has pushed my system over a line. A much larger % of my CDs are just as good musically as my records, never thought that would happen. I've been doubling up on music that's important to me buying lots of CDs before they dissappear. Good time to buy!

This is an end game DAC for me that compliments the balance of my system. The standard version is also very good. To equate it in cartridge terms the stardard version is like a DV XX2MkII and the maxed out version like a DV XV1s. Both are very good and I could easily live with either but once you normalize to the upgraded version it would tough going back.

Thanks Vlad!