Another need a rack post...Cable Management

I am need of a stable rack/cabinet for my gear. It needs to deal with a center channel speaker and 7-8 components for 2 ch/HT and sit below 37" to be below my screen.

My wife likes the Salamander Synergy Quad 21 because of the doors to hide the cabling. I would have to put the center channel on top and isolate it as much as possible. Naturally the center channel would not be on during critical 2 ch listening sessions.

I'ld like to buy a sturdier "audiophile grade" rack but none that I've seen seem to do anything to hide the cables to satisfy my wife's requirements.

Does anyone have an alternatives to Salamander given the above requirements? Price is flexible for the right solution.
It might be possible to choose the rack you like and hide the cables by securing them to the rear upright legs and struts using black Tie Wraps.

Tie Wraps not only keep things tidy, they reduce stress on the cable ends by not forcing them to hold their weight by the connector.

I use this method in my system and keep a bag of wraps handy in case I need to reroute a cable.
Thanks Albert. I've done that in the past.. It's acceptable the first time you do it. But inevitably I change out a component or troubleshoot something and the whole thing goes to pot.

Do none of the audiophile racks have a backing to them....even a partial one would be good.

The other challenge seems to be a low profile rack that is wide like the Synergy Quad 21. Most seem designed for two wide at the most. (I take that back I think I've seen a wide Billy Bags one before..)
Get a Zoethecus rack with z.Slabs. They are beautiful! Then upgrade your cables to something big, fat and stiff! Your wife will not mind seeing them... ;-)