Another musician has died

Paul Kantner formerly of Jefferson Airplane/Starship has died at 74. They were/are among my all time favorite bands, so very original. 
I just saw that.  Sad.. Great band, cool guy.
A great one! R.I.P.
I guess we should have expected that this would begin to happen. We only seem to hear about the biggest names but many of their collateral band members are passing away in obscurity. It's a very sad situation and I feel bad for them, their family members and former bandmates. Paul Kantner and the Jefferson Airplane were huge when I was a teenager and it reminds me of high school (or was it being high). In any case, very sad!
We're at that age where a lot of the good cats are going to that Big Stage in the Sky.  It's a package deal guys.    We get to hear them when they're young and wonderful, but that package comes with an expiration date.  Fortunately their music doesn't.
That is sad news indeed. Gee I am beginning to feel old here lately, David Bowie, Glen Frey, the list is way to long and too familiar. I guess I am getting old. But as a big Jefferson Airplane/Starship fan, it is truly sad to see a musician with so much to contribute pass on. My sympathies to his family, may he rest in eternal peace.
My favorite thing he did was the cover of Rosalie Sorrel's "Baby Tree" with Jerry Garcia on banjo.  I hope to give "Blows Against the Empire" a spin later today--first time in decades, I'm sure.
Well, you get to a certain age (barring something bad happening to you earlier in life) and you start down that path where you just can't hold on any longer.  But his legacy is not to be understated. JA was an absolutely incredible band.  Surrealistic Pillow will never become outdated, and their dream of a better country and a better world was shared amongst millions and millions of thoughtful  and increasingly enlightened people.  I don't really know how they pulled it off, being
such a diverse group of musicians.  But Paul K.  helped to channel all that talent with his leadership and wonderful imagination, and their albums were very diverse in content while still producing beautiful songs.
Definitely true about Surrealistic Pillow--still high on my list.  I did listen to "Blows" a few hours ago and remembered why I only have listened to one song from that LP in the years since it came out.  But he did make an important contribution to that band and to a lot of people's musical consciousness.
As for all, the warranty runs out.  Spares n/a, the service calls can't fix the issues, and the manufacturer's toll-free number has been disconnected...

...and music stops for all, and the Silence ensues.

"Dance, Kali, dance."

Dance while you can.  Dance well, dance poorly, but dance.  Together, alone, however it moves you.  *S*

RIP, Mr. K.
I seen Jefferson starship free in concert on Pensacola florida beach,  it was reported that over 150,000.000 fans were there,  this was in the early 80's, they sounded amazing,  exactly like the record, I will never forget that concert!        R.i. P. Paul Kantner.
AP reports today that original Airplane member Signe Anderson (who preceded Grace Slick) passed away, also 74, on the same day as Paul Kantner.  She left the band when she realized that raising her child on the road was not going to work.  She's on the first LP, Jefferson Airplane Takes Off.