Another musical "heads up"....

About a month or so ago, I picked up a music magazine called "Paste" that included a sampler cd and dvd. The sampler cd contained a song named "Gideon" by My Morning Jacket. I was hooked. I went out and bought the cd that contains the song. It's titled "Z". What a great cd this is. The cd contains songs that are all over the musical map, from power pop to psychadelic to reggea. The music reminds me of something that London Calling era Clash might put together with strong similarities to XTC, early REM to even sounding like Ryan Adams a bit. Excellent cd and I'm definately going to get the vinyl version.
Hey Beatlebum,

I got a free issue of Paste due to my Tracks subscription (great mag that folded quick).

What a great music magazine. I love the sampler CD and DVD. Hell, that is worth the subscription price. I think that lots of gon members would love the magazine.

It Still Moves by Morning Jacket, an earlier work, is also worth picking up.

Love yourTag line. Had Revolver and White Album spinning this weekend. Beatles are Best, but there is a lot of youngsters producing nice work.

Thanks for the reply and compliment. I'll definately check out "It Still Moves". Yes, your are correct sir! The Beatles are the Best of all time. I'm 41 so I was not there for Beatlemania in it's original form but I guess I'm part of the "ongoing" Beatlemania. I was in Barnes and Noble Books over the weekend and saw a whole table display of Beatles' books and people standing there reading. Amazing the influence of their music and personalities on our culture. As far as some of the youngsters out there producing good stuff check out Ryan Adams, Stereophonics, Paul Westerberg (youngster?), Blur, Nickel Creek, Micheal Penn, the White Stripes. Oh well back to work...
Ask some of the young 'uns this one (and watch them look puzzled):

"Was Paul McCartney in a band before Wings?"

(I listened to the White Album on Sunday...)

I was listening to a few Beatles' albums on my one day off this past week. John's vocal on "Baby It's You" from the Early Beatles lp is incredible. This particular album cut has great sonics with good slam. Other highlights from my Beatles' listening session include "She Said, She Said", "Rain", the anthology version of "I'm Loooking Through You", and "Dr. Robert". Can you tell I'm a Lennon fan?
Well, "It still moves" by My Morning Jacket has in my opinion terrible sonics. It was recorded with this horrible exaggerated reverb which makes it almost unlistenable to me. The songs are at best ok, but the sound quality, really bad.
Wildoats I'll 2nd that. It's a damn shame I love that disc but hardly play it because of that. I think it's their best to date.