Another music great passes...

Too many passing, too many passing...Chet Atkins, one of the most influential guitarists in contemporary American music, died yesterday at age 77. For more information about his life and career, see the attached link to a Seattle Times article.

Later this mornning, I'll play one of my favorite albums by Chet, the recording he did with Mark Knopfler titled "Neck and Neck" (Columbia) -- an altogether amiable ramble by two stellar musicians.
I am sad to hear of his passing as well. Neck and Neck is one of favorite albums too. Listen to that and you'll know what real virtuoso guitar players sound like. Their talk on 'Money for Nothing' as hysterical. I think I'll get my copy out too.
I had the grace of growing up in home that loved music..even though we were too poor to have as much exposure as we would have liked. My father and mother listened to everything from country(and country was great in the 50's) to big band and Jazz. I grew up hearing the HUGE influence that Mr. Atkins was having on all players in Rock and Jazz, as well as Country. Much to Mr Atkins credit, as he aged he got better and better. The world of music cannot thank him enough. I hope that his passing will bring forth the tributes and re-releases that his music merits.
I forgot to mention,..for those that can find it. Mr. Atkins did two albums with Les Paul..and the 1st "Chester and Lester" is just amazing...and the two were having such a good time! It would be good honor Mr. Paul while he is with us.
There was even a video of "There'll Be Some Changes Made". They play it in what looks like someones livingroom, I wonder if it was recorded there?
Sad to here hes gone, among the most influential player of our time. He has all sorts of recordings, all sorts of styles, with all sorts of guest players. "Neck and Neck" is in my carry case for work, been on vacation so ill have to look for it. Thanks for letting us know.
The recording, "Chester and Lester, mentioned above by Whatdj is available on a domestic reissue CD from Tower Records for $12. There is also a Japanese "pressing" of the same CD for $26.
Sdcampbell, do you have any idea if the Japanese cd is 20 bit or anything newer than the '95 re-issue here in the US?
From the picture of the CD label on the Tower Web site, it looked like the CD was simply an expensive import, but not a 20-bit remaster.
I am sorry to see so few posts on this thread. I doubt if many AudiogoN members that grew up with the Beatles know what a major influence Mr. Atkins was on George..let alone most other guitar players of our day. The style and class that Mr. Atkins absent in most of today's so called "stars". Do they think that George played a Gretsch by accident?