Another MC402 Question

I have the opportunity to buy an MC402 for $4000....very good shape.

I generally like tubes better than SS but I thought I might pick up an MC402.

Have you owned an MC402 and have you heard a SS amp in the  $4K price range that you liked better than the MC402?

I haven't mentioned the rest of my system because it could change.


Mcintosh makes well built long lasting amplifiers that sound great but not lively and detailed. 


I own a 452 and a rebuild 2300. My other amplifiers like my jc5 just sound more like a live performance. 

However,  I would not give up my Mac amplifiers for anything.  If you need to sell one they'll always sell for what you paid for them if you buy used. 

Go for it. 

Good luck fundsgon, the rabbits in my yard won’t even bring me a Cadbury Egg

very selfish critters