Another MC402 Question

I have the opportunity to buy an MC402 for $4000....very good shape.

I generally like tubes better than SS but I thought I might pick up an MC402.

Have you owned an MC402 and have you heard a SS amp in the  $4K price range that you liked better than the MC402?

I haven't mentioned the rest of my system because it could change.


Fundsgon, (love the moniker) I had wanted to transition back to solid state or I would have kept the REF5se. But when I decided to go back I couldn’t afford a REF6, and although I am sure that the REF6 is far superior to The LS28SE, I am very happy with my purchase. In comparison the REF5SE presented a more defined deeper bass and maybe a more delicate mid range. But that said, the LS28SE is still breaking in, roughly 400 hours and only 200 on two of tubes. I had one tube fail and Audio Research sent me 2 and they are still breaking in. I am also breaking in the speakers and it is hard to say which is to credited with  what I am hearing, but it is amazing the transition of the sq in the past few weeks. So in my opinion the LS28SE is right on par with the REF5SE. Yes there are differences, but I can’t honestly say if it is the speakers, the pre amp of both have just developed a perfect synergy. In short I am not looking back.

I ran 2 Mc402 amps with my Khorns and LaScalas for  quite awhile. When I first bought them they were paired with an Accuphase c-3800 preamp and sounded dry and lifeless to me, Which is hard to do with 4 Klipsch Heritage speakers.. The Accuphase had been my go to for a long time and I was pretty attached to it. Thought about other amps but decided to get a Mac C51 pre and try the synergy thing. Everything really brightened up with the C51 and I ended up loving the Big Macs. So in my experience the 402's were pretty amazing when paired with a certain preamp. Now I run 2 Mc252 amps with the same C51 and am loving every listen. Go Mcintosh!

Thanks Theo, I'll dream of a new ARC preamp for Easter. Who knows, maybe the bunny will hide one for me.

Mcintosh makes well built long lasting amplifiers that sound great but not lively and detailed. 


I own a 452 and a rebuild 2300. My other amplifiers like my jc5 just sound more like a live performance. 

However,  I would not give up my Mac amplifiers for anything.  If you need to sell one they'll always sell for what you paid for them if you buy used. 

Go for it.