Another LP Crushes the CD

just got a $5 copy of Art Blakey and JMs Keystone Three on Concord. I've had this CD for years and while I always liked the music its really poor sounding The record on the other hand is smokin' good. I think this one goes in heavy rotation for a few days.
Nice thing to happen, especially when it was cheap like that.
I will have to search for the LP.
Thanks for sharing your good fortune.
It's later Blakey (early 80's with a 19 year old Terence Blanchard and a 21 year old Donald Harrison) but I just ordered and received a new sealed copy of Blakey and the Messengers "Oh-By the Way" from the Jazz Record Mart in Chicago after seeing/hearing Donald Harrison in Chicago on New Year's Eve.

$9.99 plus shipping for a sealed record. Pristine Dutch pressing and great performance and sonics-clearly an analog recording. Makes some of the re-issues I've been buying seem pricey!!!

They have a couple of different pressings of this record (all sealed NOS) in stock-I opted for what I thought was the original '82 pressing with the gold cover. It has a few liner note errors on the back but I'll accept that for the earlier pressing!

Just a heads up for those that might have some interest and shipping was ultra reasonable!
Actually, its got Wynton and Branford Marsalis. Still, no slouch of a band.
Actually, it doesn't.
According to All Music Guide the Keystone disc is with the Marsalis bros. but the "Oh-By the Way" is with Harrison/Blanchard.
Well, I'm reading the cover of the record. Big print: Branford and Wynton Marsalis.
Perhaps the print in my post and Mred's needs to be bigger.
Hmm. I think I'm missing something here.

In any event - Its a great sounding record! Including the Wynton penned 'Water Falls' which is growing on me.
01-24-09: Hdm
Perhaps the print in my post and Mred's needs to be bigger.
Maybe you need to fly to Concord Records and straighten them out?

Mred didn't agree with you. He said:
According to All Music Guide the Keystone disc is with the Marsalis bros. but the "Oh-By the Way" is with Harrison/Blanchard.
Grimace's original post is about the Keystone disc.
Johnny: I'm quite aware that Grimace's original post is about the Keystone disc. I never said anything about the personnel on the Keystone disc!!!!

My first post here very specifically referred to "Oh-By the Way". It appears that there is a reading comprehension problem out there.

Get it??????
Hdm-I understood that you were talking about a different record, so I guess my comprehension meets your standards, but you might have avoided a prolonged back-and-forth by reiterating in your second post that there were two different albums at play. Instead, you chose to give a flippant "Actually, it doesn't" just to force on us how above-it-all you are. That's on top of semi-jacking the OP with a post only peripherally concerning the OP's.

All to say that, in this case, I'm siding with the 'comprehension challenged'.
now ladies... please....
Johnbrown: Let's really hijack the thread and review things here. I post about another clearly identified Blakey record available sealed/new at a reasonable price that might be of interest to readers identifying the players (now that's become a "semi-jacking" of the thread) and the original poster succinctly responds that the personnel is different, to which I succinctly respond that they are not.

Somebody else identifies that there are two different records involved (which is abundantly clear from my first post) and then it's reiterated and implied, incorrectly, once again that the Marsalis brothers are playing on the record I've described. Then, when I saracastically (sorry, can't help myself but at this stage I'm becoming a little less tolerant) make my point, I have someone else that clearly has not either read or understood what I've posted suggest I fly to Concord Records and straighten out "my" misunderstanding of the situation.

In other words, I'm "corrected" incorrectly on three different occasions and now I'm the "bad guy" here! A thread jacker and an "above it all" guy. Absolutely nothing to do with the original post, as you point out, but an interesting commentary on our society. As my 13 year old son likes to say: "that's rich!" (he's a bit sarcastic like his old man).

And now, back to audio/music topics.