Another Inexpensive Monitor Thread, $300 used

Hi Folks,
A very close friend who loves music, but is not an audiophile just blew out his college era boston acoustics monitors. For his birthday this weekend, I'm going to get him some new monitors.

The challenge:
The great room in his condo is 20x45x8, so lots of space to fill, and the flush bookshelf placement is less than ideal. It's also the middle of 3 floors, so bass resonance has to be kept to a minimum.

The priorities are musicality (even showy), wide soundstage and ability to fill lots of space.

Can has anyone comment on these 3 options currently on Agon:
-PSB B25
-B&W dm601
-Dali Concept 1
-Dynaudio Audience 40

(He'll be driving these with a mid-90s Harmon Kardon receiver and cd player, and I'm throwing in some bi-wire cable.)

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The B&Ws look like a good bet for a bookcase -- they're front-ported. I heard them a long time ago, but I remember thinking that they sounded good loud.
Hi Bigasscab

For about $300 used I'd say look at the Tannoy Mercury M1 or M2 series of speakers. I've had the M1s and not only do they look good they were quite musical as well. I found for bass response it depended on the amp you put with it. I ran my set with a Hafler DH-220 and bass was just right. Then for kicks one night I ran the M1s with a Hafler DH-500 and the bass increased.

Another pair of speakers I think you should look at are older B&W DM303 series speakers.
I second the vote for the B&W 601. Although I've been through a number of monitor upgrades in my main system, I've always found a place to use the 601's... it just isn't worth selling for the money I could get for them. They are currently doing service in a vacation house and sound fantastic with a cambridge audio integrated amp and NAD cd player.
There are some nice MB Quarts for sale that would work very nice.
Thanks for the reponses. Given the short time frame before my friend's Bday, I went for the bird in hand and bought the PSB's from David at DMC. Nice guy.