Another great thing about analog......

I was in Boston for the weekend, and spent some quality time browsing through the LP bins at a terrific shop on Newbury street. I had a similar experience in Montreal back in August, spending time browsing throught the LP's at another really cool record store. I bought some terrific jazz and blues albums at each place, and, just as importantly, had some very nice conversations with other "analog shoppers" and the store employees.

So, ya' know, besides the inherent satisfaction of the way we love listening to music on vinyl records, it's a lot of fun to browse, meet other folks, and talk about our common interests. Enjoy your LP's, my friends, and Happy Listening !!!
I have been buying jazz records at the local used music record shop and so happy to pay only $3 - $5!

Dave Brubeck, Weather Report, Chick Corea, John Coltrane, Louis Armstrong and many more all in abundance!

I am happy to see the store owner selling turntables to the local college students. He is a good guy too....

"Life is bold, life is earnest, when things get cold, turn up the furnace!"
Was it Beatnik in Montreal? Great store......
Montreal in summer I completely understand, but why on earth would you spend a weekend in Boston in late January?? was Beatnick on Boulevard St. Denis, a truly wonderful store. And, why Boston in late January ?....a conference which I needed to attend. By the way, Boston's weather.....about zero degrees, but at least it was sunny. And inside the famous Oak Bar at the Copley Plaza, it was warm and toasty, and the Manhattans and Martinis were amazing.
The peeps in Boston are just so damned friendly and by Gosh that Beatniks store in Montreal is a peach. I have been there many times and found good stuff, my wife in particular raids the back (country) room. I did find several good stores in Boston, but I was struck by how people on the street jumped in to give a Canajun with a camera directions and then tips on where to find the best bars and lookout joints. Two really fun places to visit.
As you have discovered, vinyl is a social thing, the live in person kind. The experience cannot be duplicate on an internet social site, thank God. Ever gone to a 'record meet'?