Another great gone, this time its Charlie Watts

At 80.  Seriously, a great drummer. I  think.  Such a loss.  
When I saw Buddy Rich with his big band, I new what to expect and I was very entertained. When I saw Paul Motian with Paul Bley and Steve Swallow, I had no idea what to expect and I was awestruck.
I’m thinking Charlie Watts may have more drum solos than Paul Motian, or at least it’s close.
Let's not forget Hal Blaine when we talk about drummers as musicians vs drummers as speed demons.
gpgr4blu, Hal Blaine was another drummer who brought out the  musicians that surrounded him in the studio. John Von Ohlen was a drummer for the Stan Kenton Band and taught at CCM and he always spoke about enhancing the melodic line. He started out playing the horn but switched later to drums. I always felt connected when a drummer new the harmonic structure two or three measures ahead.
Charlie Watts mentioned Shelly Manne as a major influence. Not sure about what other drummers he was influenced by.