Another glowing reveiw of sony 9000es

There's another glowing reveiw of the sony 9000es at It is hinted that the 9000es may have better extension than the 777 or sa1.
This "hint" was not based on actual listening tests. This was purely speculative.

Please try to be factual.
gmorris,I see your name come up every time this subject comes up.What i posted is what the article does say,nothing more or less.I notice you take it upon yourself to tell people there opinions are wrong when the subject of the 777 sound quality comes up.Well i am here to tell you the 9000 does at least the midrange better than the 777,regardless of what your opinion is on the matter.I brought both players home and this was the conclusion.This same opinion is fairly common so give me all the minus points you want,just do not tell me what the article does or does not hint at,i can read just fine.After reading the thread 9000 vs 777, i have to ask who voted you the judge of all sacd audio quality? If you really cared about sacd sound that people have been waiting years for you would be out preaching this as i do,not telling other owners with another model that yours is superior,because that is YOUR opinion not theres.
i love my 9000 use with a 360s for cd too .out of the box was better than my 39 i dont care what any bodysays i heard it. sacd is very smooth and dynamics are awesome if you have a system that can handle it. i would like a little more upper detail but that might be me not fully appreciating the deep bass sacd system of ml statements2 plus fpb600c and vtl1250 bring out anything there. sorry for swaying from the subject just tired of everybody always having a negative opinion, who cares, what matters is yourself enjoy your system . no one hears exactly the same.
This month's The Perfect Vision, the HT sister of The Absolute Sound, reviewed the S9000ES in this month's issue. Again, a glowing review. The review is not online.
To Ears, et al. :
I own the Sony SCD-1. I also own the 9000ES which I purchased for a HT based system.

The 9000ES is a very good SACD player, fine Red Book player and a super DVD player. However, It is surpassed, easily, by the SCD-1 in terms of musicality and any musical parameter you may use for comparison.

Ears, that's it. You may not like it, but in my system, it does not measure up to the SCD-1.

Ears, get a life, do not continue to send insults to my email address. If you continue I will refer the matter to Audiogon!!!!!
gmorris, the toppic is the 777 not the scd1,you must be blind as well as deaf.
I thought that infants were prohibited from contributing to this site.