Another favorite cartridge vanishes.. Dynavector 17D3. GONE! replaced..

Got the latest Music Direct catalog today, looked at cartridges. Hmmm no 17D3? instead at nearly twice as expensive 17DX from Dynavector... Tell me NOT SO! Sadly true, the 17D3 is discontinued.                          
Guess what is my favorite cartridge... Yes 17D3. The other is Benz Glider..                         
Just my luck.
Not sure how many of you ever seen modern solid rod boron cantilevers and how the nude diamonds actually mounted on them? Expecially after re-tipping. You will see a huge amount of glue around the nude diamond, this is the only substance that hold the diamond. Laser mounting style and Hollow Pipe Boron cantilevers are no longed available for any cartridge manufacturers. 

If someone will glue a brand new stylus tip on Karat 17DS then you will see a huge amount of glue on the cantilever around the diamond, also the diamond can be totally different in shape/size.

As you can see there is no glue around the diamond on my original Karat 17DS.

I can’t see any glue on my Karat 23RS Ruby.

Those original Dyna diamond or ruby have much less glue even compared to the pressure-fitted Ortofon Replicant-100 diamond on my SPU Royal G mkII.

There is no visible amount of glue on Victor X-1II cart with Beryllium cantilever.

This is what i call a perfect stylus/cantilever combo.

Let me find a picture of re-tipped cartridge, you will be shocked

Saw something interesting on the spec sheet for the 17D3; the internal resistance is 38 ohms! This means don’t use the standard 100 ohm load that one would normally use for an LOMC with 0.3mV output. It also means that the 17D3 has relatively large coils and relatively weak magnets. I am in no way saying or thinking that these numbers predict mediocre sound quality. As I recall, when it was introduced, the 17D3 was something of a giant killer at its original price. I still have not auditioned mine, which has very low hours from new. (It is from the estate of my dearest audiophile friend; I was consulted on his decision to purchase it, although he was at least as knowledgeable as I will ever be.) I actually heard it on his system once or twice before his symptoms of dementia became very advanced.  We both liked it.
I would load mine at no lower than 1000R, maybe 47K.
Chakster, how do you load your 17DS?
My 17D3 is currently loaded at 60 ohms (additional) besides all other internal and cable.  
I load it based on HOW IT SOUNDS, and not on theory.
 Elizabeth, you are certainly entitled to do whatever you like with loading your 17 D3. However be aware that at 60 ohms you are dumping a fraction of the audio signal to ground, and there will be a high frequency roll off at frequencies probably lower than 20 kHz. This is a fact, not theory, not opinion.