Another esoteric inquiry - Hadcock tonearm

In my quest for the dubious honor of the least responses to a given thread, here I go again.....anyone with experience with the Hadcock arms? They're apparently back in production in several incarnations, all the way up to a "SE" version with VdH silver internal wiring, etc etc. There is very little info on Hadcock arms on the net, and courtesy of another A-gon member information on the current line is forthcoming. The previous Hadcocks were apparently fairly highly regarded in their day. Any, ANY info would be apprecitated!
musicdoc: the following url is for the most comprehensive listing of audio-related sites of which i'm aware. i see nothin on hadcock but you may wanna' wander through some of the sites listed in your information search:

This is your lucky day! There is a review of the HADCOCK GH242 SE tonearm in issue 13 of HI-FI+ magazine, pages94-97. There is a very nice color picture of the tonearm with the review, as well as a little bit of history. HI-FI+ is on the web at The article lists the UK distributor of HADCOCK as "The Cartridge Man". He is on the web at What more could you ask for? But, you don't win your Quest--lots of threads don't get ANY responses, and you've had at least 2. ;>)
I owned a Hadcock GH228 Superarm, purchased while living in London in the mid-70s. Recently swapped it to a gentleman who wanted it for his vintage London Decca cartridges.

It was a low mass, uni-pivot arm, best suited to mm cartridges. The Shure V15 was a favorite back then as I recall. It was a pretty solid arm at the time, better than the Mayware Formula 4, also a British uni-pivot design which I still own.

HiFi+ magazine did a review of a GH242 SE in their issue 13, which unfortunately can't be read on their on-line site:

Perhaps you can contact them for a copy.
That issue of HiFi+ listed a UK distributor's web site as Looks like a neat arm. Good luck.