Another discrete R2R Ladder Multibit Dac, this ones from Audio GD, their coming on strong.

Another discrete R2R Multibit Dac. looks like the BB pcm1704's are drying up.
This is the bottom rung 19 dac they tend to do the top Ref Masters ect later with the improvements.

Cheers George
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both those sites bring up errors.
Here's a better link.

both those sites bring up errors.
Odd I click on them and they go straight there.

These are copied direct from the address bar. Try that.

Cheers George

That is such a great price for a discrete R2R dac.  I will have to read user reviews!
Evidently, this DAC is not very good. A review here:

And measurements here:

and here:
Wow if this is right, stay away from the Audio-GD Singularity 19 DAC.

Did these same guys do reviews on the Holo,  Denafrips or Sokeris?

Cheers George
Yeah, that same guy reviewed the Holo in the context of many other DACs. I think he’s kept the Holo as a second DAC. Kind of a long series of posts, but quite exhaustive:

Some other impressions here - a long string of them if you want to read through the whole thing:

And one other guy had a entire writeup on NOS type DACs. Can’t seem to find the post, but I know it’s there. One of the Soekris DACs is covered in another post too somewhere.