Another Crazy Audiophile

I just got a new TT and tonearm and in setting it up I decided I didn't trust my bubble levels (or my eyesight) that much. When I was in Sears yesterday I saw a digital level for $35 and I couldn't resist. It works great.
If you put it on a surface with your bubble levels, howdo they compare?
what is the sears stock number, I want to check it out on line. thanks
The Sears Model # is 320.48295 and it is 7 inches long. It also has two bubble levels in it and they compare very closely. Sometimes when I think the bubble is level the digital gauge will show it .1 or .2 degrees off. The nice thing is that with the digital readout you don't have to worry about parallax.
You may have good reason not to trust your eyesight, but the bubbles don't lie.
Speaking of bubble levels, I was convinced my $3 home depot plastic bubble level was off, so I bought the fancy Clearaudio machined steel level. It's a little easier to read, but gives the same exact reading as my $3 home depot level. I guess I should probably learn a lesson from this.
Yeah, Clearaudio looks way cool. And it is 100% analog. I got it just for the looks too ;-)