Another cable question

Please don’t respond to this if you are a non believer. Just wanted to know if anyone has had a good experience with silver or silver/ copper blend out from they’ve Dac. Currently using older Acustic Zen absolute copper. There has been a number of members saying good things about silver for digital front ends and I think I,d like to give it a try. Streamer is Aurender N200 using DH labs mirage two feeding Pontus two. Budget is $700 max and it’s seems there are a number of cables in that range, thx in advance and happy New Year!


I have a digital all silver cable (not copper clad with silver) on my cable burner presently and I’ll get back to you later this week. 

I have the N150 and Pontus II.  I think what you maybe looking for is a little more warmth and smoothness.  At least that was one area I had to work on in my setup when comparing digital play back to records.  I'm using Cardas Clear interconnects from the Pontus to my preamp and CLEAR HS USB from the Aurender to Pontus.  Also Clear power cords on both.  It will be a pretty healthy investment so you may want to start with the digital connection to see if that's what does what you looking for first.  The Cardas Clear did for me and without loosing any detail in the Aurender or Pontus.

@marco1 Thanks for the response. Just looked all the pricing up, yes healthy investment. I always do everything in steps to help with sticker shock, did you do everything at once? Or was it done incrementally? Ive got a few ac cables I can switch around but I need to start with one move at a time.figured I do the rca,s first What your describing sound wise is correct btw. Im pretty sure the sound signature of the 150 and the 200 are the same also , thx again!

OP, Thank you for your response. This is really helpful. 

Wire changes are a very important part of tuning a system. But it is the last nuance. It is critical that the components get you 95% there. So, I recommend looking carefully at your vinyl signal chain: cartridge, arm, turntable, and phonostage. Let me take a bit of a side trip.


Vinyl and digital can sound the same. In my system, I achieved parody two or three years ago (finally!). If you had infinite budget, vinyl wins… in detail, natural sound and musicality. In general, in systems less than $50K it is easier to have vinyl exceed sound quality than digital. Above this, parody for about the same money, above $200K vinyl pulls ahead again.

So, your analog side has a problem. This is where I would look. I’ll have to go back and look at your system. It is most likely your cartridge or phono stage. Likely the second. Phono stages are critical and need to be of the highest caliber to get the most out of your analog rig. I would not do major investments in interconnects until your signal chain is perfect… then look at wires.