another break in question

I've changed from SE cables to Balanced (Sx from Grover Huffman) between the CD and Integrated amp and wonder about my break in? I know it takes an amount of time (right now I have just under 20 hrs on them). I have been using a variety of music I've used so far to break them in and letting them rest in between (I listen to rock, jazz, blues) Alan Parsons, Thomas Dolby, Dave Grusin, Everclear, Enya, P. Floyd, Meatloaf, INXS just to name a few, as I am starting to recognize the mids filling in more & starting to warm and the bass starting to devolop more and top end has been great from the get go.
My question is should I be using more Bass heavy music to help devolop the bottom end cure faster? Is cable break in dependant on the type of music used? And is each of the elemnets (that associate to pin placemnet) dependant to a certian music range (like bass , mid, treble) as they break in? I can say there is a real difference in definition and staging between the two cable types.
In my experience I find that break in is best when useing a full range of frequencies. Do you have a Cardas break-in disc or similar. I usually let it play on repeat a few time between listening sessions.
Theo, thanks for that, I've often read that, I was also curious if certian runs in the cable are frequency or band sensitive when you break them in. I don't have a Cardas disc or anything similar unless you classs a Stereophile disc as one.
I've used the Pink, White and Brown Noise tracks(programmed to repeat) of this CD, to speed burn-in of components:( Right now, I've got two new sets of interconnects burning, but- I'm using an FM tuner(saving the tubes in my CD player) set on a Rap station(YUCK), for the bass content. The more energy sent through the interconnect, the faster the burn-in.