Another Bi-Wire question, Denon AVR-1803

Well actually I got an AVR-883, but it appears to be the exact same receiver. Now my question is can I use the "Surround Back/Zone 2" to bi-wire my front speakers? I have a pair of Mission M73 speakers that are capable of being run in bi-wire mode. However this receiver does not appear to have a selection for A/B as I thought it did prior to purhcasing. So can I do this or not? And if it is possible will it improve my sound because it is not a A B assigned front channel.

Thanks in advance for your help.
It appears the zone 2 speakers output is in mono, "same" signal is outputed from these terminals, also the terminals are labeled A, B not L, R. as per the on-line manual in the discontinued product archives.

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You can bi-wire your speakers by using internal bi-wire or shotgun biwire. There would be one + and one - at each amp terminal, and 2 + and 2 - at the speaker end.
Some people are doing that, but can the effects be(concert, live, etc) turned off? They add distortion.
Swampwalker is correct. Just use your main L/R speaker outputs on the receiver to bi-wire your Missions with the appropriate cable. You may be confusing "bi-wiring" with "bi-amping". If you want to bi-amp, you'll have to find out if your receiver allows you to reassign the "back surround/zone 2" amplifier channels to play standard stereo signals instead of just the effects derived with DSP processing.

My brother-in-laws Technics SA-DA8 allows you to do this, for example. Kind of a neat feature if you think about it. A good way to take advantage of those unused amp channels in a DD/DTS receiver while listening in stereo.